xxxholic 完结篇

10 Feb

*spoilers for final chapter of xxxholic*

Thank you CLAMP, for screwing your fans over with shitty endings.

The point to Yuuko’s dream was to tell Watanuki that, look, you’re powerful enough to leave the shop now, release yourself from this cage that you’ve locked yourself in. When I saw that few panels, I thought that Watanuki will finally understand Yuuko’s true wish for him but no, he continues to wait in the shop a hundred years on and you know what’s the best part? Doumeki’s great-grandson, who of course looks exactly like him, is now the resident errand boy. And Doumeki version 2.0 is still holding on to the UNUSED egg. Riiiiiight. How about an egg for a family heirloom?

CLAMP, srsly?

I thought the point to xxxholic was for Watanuki to learn. To learn his own value, to learn to love himself, to learn to trust others, to learn to share burdens. It all came to naught in ‘Rou’ where all he did was wallow in his loss after Yuuko dies/disappear/leaves/whatever. Ugh. I shall pretend ‘Rou’ never happened.

The only good thing I can say about the final chapter is Yuuko’s appearance. At least CLAMP gave us some gorgeous panels of her.

I had hoped for CLAMP to continue Legal Drug after finishing TRC and holic, but perhaps it’s for the best that they don’t. They have enough bad endings on their hands as it is.

Note to self: just don’t touch anything by CLAMP again.

And I’m leaving Bleach aside till Rukia comes back ‘cos I really don’t care about anyone else now.

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