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27 Jan

The teaser for Tas Rak (Slave of Love) has got me quite excited for this period romance lakorn. Cherry plays the Princess of Chiang Noi, an independent state near Thailand who goes in search of her missing brother and Por is her trusty bodyguard who is apparently secretly in love with her. Mart is a Prince in Thailand who is also Cherry’s betrothed and Janie is a slave in a random household. Their lives cross when Cherry and Janie swaps identities to protect Cherry from her uncle’s attempts on her life.

This is my prediction from the teaser:
Mart gets to know his real betrothed Cherry as a slave girl and falls for her but he has to marry Janie since no one knows her true identity. Janie also falls for Mart and tries to break him up with Cherry but Por stops her with his ‘slave of love vs slave of jealousy’ speech and eventually Janie/Por fall for each other. Heeh, let’s see if it does pan out this way.

I think Cherry is a great actress and I want to like her lakorns but I hate ‘Apple of my eye’ with passion and her character in ‘Dessert Girl’ was annoying as hell. Hopefully it will be third time lucky with ‘Slave of Love’. I’m confident in Janie and Por’s acting but Mart … he has the looks and the built but his acting is as stiff as a tree. I’m just going to watch it with zero expectations for Mart and perhaps he will surprise me.

Another lakorn that I will be checking out is Rak Mai Mee Wan Tay (Love Never Dies). It sounds like Twilight meets Vampire Dairies with really lame effects and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole if it didn’t star Ploy as the nang’ek. She’s been playing bitchy roles for her past few lakorns so I’m looking forward to see her be nice for once!

Longer synopsis for both dramas

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