Autumn’s Concerto ep19

21 Jan

argggg… is it so hard for people to just f-ing explain things properly instead of keeping quiet and letting the misunderstandings snowball???

I really want to smack Mu Chen when she continued to hide things from Guang Xi. He told her repeatedly that he can accept whatever she tells him and she can explain everything whenever she’s comfortable, JUST DO NOT EVER EVER LIE TO HIM. Which part of that was unclear? Then she decides to lie about pawning their wedding ring which pretty much breaks the trust that he’s been trying to give her. If I understood correctly (I fastfowarded bits of the show so I may have missed some small but crucial points) Mu Chen pawned the ring to help raise money for Tuo Ye at the request of Tuo Ye’s mother and she decides to keep it from Guang Xi because she was, and I quote, “afraid of him getting angry”. Seriously. And you think he’d be less pissed if he found that out by himself?

Then when Guang Xi was throwing accusations at her, she just sat there looking at him with sad puppy eyes the whole time. C’mon girl, can you please interrupt his tirade and simply give him the truth and NOT allow him to misunderstand you further? *facepalm*

I know dramas need misunderstandings to create conflict but it’s annoying when the characters are lying about stupid things that could be resolved if they just took 5 minutes to explain.

ETA: Ok, she finally explained the ring and her reason for leaving suddenly to see Tuo Ye but at the same time, managed to create an even bigger misunderstanding. Good job girl. For the Nth time, if you say ‘please let me explain …’ and the guy cuts you off before you can actually explain, can you cut him off and do the damn explaining instead of letting him walk away?

Like what Guang Xi said to his mom, he not upset about being lied to but he’s sad that no one trusts that he is able to withstand the truth. From the previews of epi 20, Tuo Ye finally tells Guang Xi that it was his mom who forced Mu Chen to leave him 6 years ago. See, it’s simple! And they took 10 episodes to get here.

Mu Chen is a nice person but I don’t like the saintly types that sacrifice and suffer in silence for love. That’s why I love the manga ‘Koori no mamono no monogatari’. Ishuca learns early on that sacrificing yourself for the one you love will only hurt that person more. He has his weakness that he struggles to overcome throughout the manga but he knows that he must face whatever problems head on together with Blood.

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