Ken x Ann

20 Jan

// This post was typed out weeks ago and I had only planned to post a few pictures of KA’s dramas but I thought, hey why not make pretty photo collages instead? … In the end, I got so carried away with making the perfect collage that I scoured the internet for pictures and made like 10 versions for each drama. Ok, I exaggerate, but point is I wasted more time on this than I had planned on. Well, it’s finally seeing the light of day. //

Will 365 Days of Love be Ken/Ann’s last lakorn together? There’s no news of them being paired up again in the near future but never say never! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they will collaborate again because no one does it like KA. 😉

I know some viewers are bored of seeing them together. After all, they’ve starred in 5 lakorns together in the past 10 years but there’s a reason why producers want them together: they have incredible chemistry. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of 365 DoL because of the never ending misunderstandings but I love how Ken/Ann is able to show the physical intimacy between a married couple with such ease. I’m not talking about bed scenes (although some of their ‘bed scenes’ are quite cute) but little things like snuggling in bed, giving little kisses to each other, holding hands etc. They are totally convincing as a married couple. ❤

rang ngao lj2

2001 Rang Ngao
Ahh, how ‘fresh’ they looked! I’m still stuck on episode 5 where I wanna slap some sense into Tha (the weak twin also played by Ann).

Oum Rak LJ 1a1

2006 Oum Rak
Ken had already impressed me with his portrayal of Kawee in SB but I was really impressed when I caught Oum Rak after SB. Chen was a lovable boy-man that couldn’t be more different than Kawee but Ken got them both wonderfully.

sawan biang LJ 2a

2008 Sawan Biang

ssh lj21

2009 Sood Sanae Ha
I’m a big fan of SSH too but it doesn’t have that many twists and turns like SB so it gets only 1 collage like the others. :p

365 days lj21

2010 365 Days of Love

3 Responses to “Ken x Ann”

  1. jamieguo48 January 20, 2011 at 6:01 AM #

    Great work on your collages. Although I’m wondering if the middle top picture in Oum Ruk isn’t really from 365 instead, haha. Hope you don’t mind I saved to my computer.

    More, more, more! If not this year, hopefully next year they’ll get together again. I really don’t get the people who are tired of this couple. I mean, lots of other couples are paired together a lot, Pat and Por (5), Aum and Aff (4 with upcoming lakorn), Rome and Rita (3) and the hot new couple Yaya and Nadech will have 3 lakorns by the time 2011 is over with.

    I also don’t get the people who complain about Ann getting old. Sure she’s getting old, isn’t everyone? And at least she plays age appropriate characters who are close to her age, unlike some actresses.

    Still, hoping Ken gets to play a bad boy again, and looking forward to Ann and Tik’s lakorn since they’ve never starred together.

    • J January 21, 2011 at 7:13 AM #

      Yaya and Nadech will have 3 lakorns by the time 2011 is over with
      Really?? That’s a lot of exposure for them as a couple in a short time. I haven’t watched ‘Duang Jai Akkanee’ but Yaya made a good impression on me as a newbie in ‘Rose Without Thorns’ so hopefully she’ll have some good lakorns in the future that I will enjoy.

      Glad you like the collages. 🙂

      Aum and Aff (4 with upcoming lakorn)
      I liked their first 2 lakorns together but ‘Namtan Mai’ was quite bad and I didn’t like Aff in any of her other lakorns. The synopsis for ‘Roy Mai’ sounds interesting with the past/present life thingy, so fingers crossed that it will be good!

      hoping Ken gets to play a bad boy again
      Me too! Didn’t he play a bad boy of sorts in ‘Weewa Waa Woon’? Not too sure cos I only caught the first 20 minutes. But I’m definitely hoping to see Ken as the Kawee type of bad boy again. He does it so wonderfully.

  2. Anonymous October 6, 2011 at 11:04 PM #

    I love all KA lakorns together. I still haven’t have enough of them.

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