xxxholic ending!

11 Jan

What?? Next chapter of xxxholic will be its last?

What’s with my fandoms ending on me lately? Unless CLAMP pulls the rug from under our feet (again), it seems quite sure from the final panel of chapter 212 that Yuko is back. Back only in a dream to pep talk Watanuki or back for good remains to be seen but … really? CLAMP is gonna give xxxholic a wrap by the next chapter?

What about that damn egg that Doumeki has been holding on to for the past 10 freaking years? I’ve always thought that it’s gonna be used for something epic eventually or at least be part of an angsty choice that Doumeki would be forced to make involving a certain Watanuki. CLAMP had better give us a good resolution on that. But more than loose plot threads, I’m more frustrated by the fact that there hasn’t been any character growth since ‘Rou’ began. The Doumeki/Watanuki fangirl in me initially spazzed over Doumeki being a perpetual fixture in the shop but chapter after chapter, their relationship (however you want to take it) doesn’t seem to be moving forward. There are new clients in the shop with emo-seductive Watanuki attending to them but the characters don’t seem to learn anything from the cases unlike previously when Yuko was in charge. Yes, the art is still pretty and the folklore interesting but this is not the xxxholic I fell in love with.

meh, just as well that CLAMP is ending this because it’s been going in circles for too long. Hmmm, dare I hope that they will continue drawing Legal Drug?? But it’s CLAMP, so let’s not keep our hopes up.

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