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6 Jan

All good things must come to an end and so, it’s now time for our beloved Adam Couple to leave WGM. With their current busy schedules (WGM, AML, hosting for Kwon and BEG’s comeback for Ga In), it’s in their best interest to let go of some of their commitments. Out of the lot, leaving WGM makes the most sense as they are the longest running couple on the show and their fanbase is already established so from a career POV, they should concentrate on exploring new stuff (acting/hosting) and also focus on their music. It really saddens me as a Adam fan to hear news of their departure from WGM but like what Ga In said, it’s not the end of the Adam couple!

Thank you Jo Kwon and Ga In for sharing with us so many wonderful moments on WGM.

I sound so calm and rational in my post but in reality I’m trying hard not to cry as I listen to Kwon’s singing in Adam’s final appearance together on a radio show.

Future …
I truly believe that the feelings they develop for each other while on WGM is real and that is the reason they are able to touch the hearts of so many people but frankly, they are still young and have such a long way ahead. They may date for real now and split up a few months later then go on to marry someone else. Or they may continue as good friends, date other people then marry 10 years later and have babies together. There are 101 possibilities … who knows?

But no matter what happens in the years to come, all I wish for them is good health and happiness.

Truly, thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

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