Rang Ngao ep1-3

30 Dec

Ken/Ann’s first drama together from 2001. Ken looked so dorky. XD

I guess I understand why Tha chose the playboy boss over our cute and earnest Veekit. She has a strong inferiority complex from being constantly put down by her mother for not measuring up to her sister and while Veekit is nice, he is just, well, nice. The MD brings her to nice restaurants and sweet talks her, lavishing her with the praise and attention that she has not gotten from her family. Tha sees that the MD ‘loves’ her more than his beautiful and competent wife and maybe that is why she fell for all his lies.

That said, I have no sympathy for Tha when the MD dropped her like a hot potato after their affair is exposed and left her to deal with the vicious office gossip. There’ll be some serious bitch slapping next episode when his jealous wife finds out and what can I say except that Tha had it coming?

So girls, remember this: NEVER EVER get involved with a married man, much less a married man with kids. All that talk about not loving his wife? Well, he loved her enough to have 3 kids with her. And if every date ends up at the hotel room and he provides you birth control pills, yes, he is definitely using you for sex only. DUMP HIM ASAP.

2 Responses to “Rang Ngao ep1-3”

  1. jamieguo48 December 31, 2010 at 5:21 AM #

    Ken a dork? Haha, no way. I refuse to believe it until I see it. I’m watching SootSaneha now, and Ann and Ken are so great together. I never knew Ann was so good at comedy. She’s so multi-talented. And I like that Ken’s so into her from the start. The rest of the cast and story seems meh to me. But there’s lots of Ken and Ann action (I’m on episode 10) so far.

    Gotta put this on my must watch list. Especially if Ann and Ken really don’t have any dramas together in 2011. But I wouldn’t mind a Tik and Ann lakorn either!

    • J December 31, 2010 at 7:18 AM #

      Yea, I fastforwarded all the Lek/Tha/Din’s family parts. Other than Ken/Ann, I also enjoy watching Alin bullying Kom, they are just hilarious!

      Rang Ngao turned out more entertaining than I expected, though so far there’s not much Ken/Ann interaction because the first 4 episodes are centred on Tha, the weaker twin that’s also played by Ann.

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