Thara Himalaya

14 Dec

I’m done with Thara Himalaya! The story had 3 main lines going on: the Prince/Nam love story, the 3 brothers trying to get rid of Dr. Nat as Nam’s potential boyfriend and the evil Prime Minister of Parawat plotting to overthrow the monarchy. I was rather surprised at how much time the lakorn gave to the antics of the 3 brothers because I don’t think it contributed much to the love story but since the brothers will be getting their individual stories later, the scriptwriter may be helping to warm the audience up to them first. Anyway, I’m not complaining about this because it was the 3 brothers and 2 bodyguards that kept me watching – I pretty much fast-forwarded through the love story. It’s not that I dislike Puwane and Nam, it’s just that I find their love story too contrive and uninteresting. Kim’s acting remained stiff right to the end, and her lack of acting chops was painfully obvious in the sad scenes where she just furrowed her brows and had rather fake looking tears wetting her cheeks. (Strangely, I wouldn’t mind watching Kim in another lakorn despite my complaints about her acting. She’s the type that girls would like to have as a friend, you know what I mean?) Would it have helped if a more experienced actress had taken on the role? I’m not sure, because Aum was fine as Puwane but I couldn’t care less about the Prince. I preferred Aum when he was acting as the evil Prince … so yea, the characters were probably not the type I like.

On to the bits I do like.

Din + Lom + Fai = hilarity. The brothers are a hoot to watch and I enjoy the banter they share when they gather to come up with yet another stupid plan. Their characteristics were well brought out through their interaction: Din, the schemer who prefers planning to execution; Lom, who is actually more sensitive than his play boy image lets on; and Fai, the baby of the group with a hot temper. It’s funny how Din and Lom always pushes the dirty work to Fai. XD I hope they continue to be as interesting in their individual stories because I’m liking them a lot!

Their nicknames are based on the 4 elements: Din = Earth, Lom = Wind, Fai = Fire, Nam = Water. Reminds me of the Captain Planet song which I can actually still sing. I watch too much tv as a child.

The rebellion story line was quite well written (by romance novel standards anyway) and it was my favourite part of TH. Scenes of the made-up country of Parawat were filmed in Nepal if I remember correctly and it helped to make the lakorn feel more realistic but the real star of this part of the story is Rajeev, the bodyguard. He may not be as handsome as Aum but a manly man with brains is so much more attractive than a pretty-faceand bod prince. If not for Rajeev, Prince Puwane would have been killed when he went to Thailand and there wouldn’t be a lakorn for us to watch. And even if Puwane survived the assassination, he wouldn’t have had the resources to sneak back into Parawat and enter the palace to reveal the evil doings of the Prime Minister. I love how Rajeev was clever enough to pretend to betray the Prince when the Prime Minister held his family hostage and then secretly plan to help the Prince get back into Parawat. If it were the straight-laced Warun that got threatened, I imagine he would rather kill himself than betray the Prince. Ah well, too bad Rajeev was only Puwane’s side-kick, I’d love for him to get his own love line.

Screencap-ing fail. But since I can’t find any pictures of Rajeev online, this is the best I can do.
I love men in uniform! Teeheehee . That’s the back of Warun’s head.

Badass Rajeev saves the day! Hmm, technically Warun did by shooting the Prime Minister but oh well.

I rate this: 3/5

2 Responses to “Thara Himalaya”

  1. dangermousie December 15, 2010 at 4:20 AM #

    This sounds really cute. I am so going to check it out.

    • J December 15, 2010 at 4:28 AM #

      The love story bored me but otherwise, it’s pretty entertaining. :p

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