Thara Himalaya

2 Nov

I still haven’t got started on ‘365 Days of Love’. Well, actually I did catch the first 20 minutes but it didn’t manage to suck me in right away. I’ll definitely get round to watching it, but perhaps a little later. Haah.

I was checking out wishy’s youtube channel on a boring Saturday afternoon looking for something to pass time, when I saw that quite a few episodes of Aum’s new lakorn ‘Thara Himalaya’ had already been subbed, so I thought, why not? I cleared 2 episodes that day and it’s interesting enough for me to want to continue. ‘Thara Himalaya’ is the first story in the 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao (4 Hearts of the Mountain) series, which features the 4 love stories of a set of quadruplets. (synopsis for all 4 stories )

Aum is as hot as ever and he goes shirtless for quite a few scenes, I’m sure to the delight of many fangirls. I’m a bit iffy about the acting of the nang’ek Kimberly though. She’s a bit stiff sometimes and I want to facepalm when she’s doing her ‘doctor scenes’ (she plays a doctor) because they are so not convincing. The only thing she does as a doctor is to hold the patient’s hand and speak encouragingly to him. Wow. But I should probably blame the scriptwriters? Anyway, it’s apparently her first lakorn so this level of acting is still acceptable to me and hopefully she’ll get better as the lakorn progresses.

I’m not feeling the love between our prince and the doctor yet but I suppose it’s still early. The first 2 episodes is more comedy than romance because it focuses more on Nam’s 3 over protective brothers and the antics they come up with to scare away her potential suitors. Thoughts so far: a reasonably entertaining lakorn that I will continue watching but it’s not yet on the can’t-wait-for-the-next-episode level.

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