Rabum Duang Dao

11 Oct

I really want to catch Rabum Duang Dao but seems like no one is subbing it yet. Everytime we think Ploy has been evil enough in her n’rai role, she comes out with another one that ‘out-evils’ the previous ones. lol. From what I’ve read, the character she plays here is even worse than Nan in KRN… there are the usual two-face back stabbing, catfights, and even murder! I bet she’ll end up nuts (or is she already mentally unstable in the drama now) or dead. Fingers crossed that someone will eventually sub it, or at least provide detailed summaries like SSH. Some pics from the lakorn

— — —

In Bleach … if IchiHime shippers choose to interpret chapter 423 as a joyous occasion because Rukia is out of Ichigo’s life, then they are more deluded than I thought. Time and again, Kubo showed us the importance of Rukia to Ichigo and vice versa so blatantly I wonder how anyone reading can miss it. I’m not saying it’s ZOMG! THEY ARE LOVERS … no, they are not lovers now, but they have a special relationship going on that does not include the rest of the nakamas. Personally I won’t be too bothered if IchiRuki don’t end up in a ‘romantic’ relationship by the end of Bleach (though that would be nice), and heck, everyone has the right to ship anything they like. But to deny Rukia’s importance? To decide that Orihime is the LURV OF ICHIGO’S LIFE because of her confession and insist that’s what Kubo has been drawing for the past 400+ chapters?? Now that bothers me. I mean, you can ship Ichigo with a tree for all I care, but don’t let down Kubo’s efforts by twisting his work to suit your fancies – know the different between fanon and canon!

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