where they go from here

7 Sep

Question on fb: What are your must-have factors/cast if there is Unriddle 2?

I think it’s imperative that the core cast of Xiao Man, Yu Ze, Da Bao + family remains in Season 2 because the cliff hanger is related to them. They at least need to hang around for a few episodes till the case of Yu Ze/Dylan and Savage’s brother is resolved or it wouldn’t make much sense would it? I read that Joshua Ang has already left mediacorp, but I’m hoping he can return on perhaps a contract basis to reprise his role as Shisan. Although Shisan is not a major role, he is an important piece that makes up Da Bao’s family. As for new faces, someone suggested Bobby Toneili as a CIA agent and Dai Yang Tian as a China Public Security Bureau agent… good idea! But I’d have to disagree with that same person’s suggestion of Elvin Ng playing an FBI agent. hmm, I believe he is a hardworking actor, but it still pains me to see his wooden acting! The scriptwriters might need to take even more creative licence with the story if it involves security agencies from other countries??

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