ooooh, the shiny (pun intended)

6 Sep

I’m not particularly into Korean entertainment despite the Korean wave sweeping Asia for the past 10 years but recently Korean dance music has been creeping up on me. I must say the Koreans have perfected the art of manufacturing ‘same-but-different’ dance music which is so damn addictive and coupled with the slick dance moves of well-trained artistes, it’s no wonder the ‘Korean wave’ shows no signs of abating just yet.

I appreciate how most of the pop groups can actually dance well, and they dance in sync, not just in their music videos, but in every live performance! I love my Johnny’s boys, I do, but their dancing pales in comparison to the K-pop artistes.

Which brings me to my latest on-replay-video:

The song isn’t the instantaneous ear-worm like ‘Ring Ding Dong’ was, but the dance got me hooked by the end of my first viewing of the MV. I love this dance practice video even more because 1) I get to see the dance in its entirety without the camera shifting about like in MVs or live perf 2) There are no distractions like screaming fangirls, glitzy lights or having to sing, so 100% focus on the dance by the boys 3) It’s not an official perf so the atmostphere is more relaxed and I love how it shows on Taemin’s expression.

I’ve kinda drifted away from the Johnny’s J-pop fandom, so it’s been a while since I enjoyedsaw shiny/over the top outfits and hip thrusts from pretty boys with eyeliner (Go check out the official MV of ‘Lucifer’). Glad to have them back. 😉

In a kinda related note, this new Taiwanese girl group called Zero+ went on a variety show I was watching to promote their new EP. I checked out their new single online out of curiousity and well, it was a dance of epic fail. Is their company trying to market them as the Pussycat Dolls of Taiwan? Sorry, strategy not working. It’s true that sex sells, but getting a group of girls to show off their legs and boobs in the hope of distracting the audience from their non-existent singing and dancing skills ain’t gonna work, and the girls aren’t even particularly good looking to begin with. It just all screams LAZY!! in terms of selection and preparation of this girl group … what was the management thinking when they decided to push Zero+ out onto the market?? Take a leaf out of After School‘s book, now that is what I call a sexy and entertaining performance with EFFORT.

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