27 Aug

Well well, both SRCS and KRN have ended. As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I liked SRCS a lot but unfortunately, the last couple of episodes weren’t that great which pulled down the overall ‘like’ factor for this drama. Khwan and Nop were still cute together, but everything else was just lame. Why doesn’t anyone think of contacting the police when there’s trouble (e.g. kidnapping) and then when everything is over, the police magically shows up when there’s no use for them anymore??? And in the final scene, why on earth was Khwan wearing a long flowing dress with a tiara on her head when she’s at a freakin’ sheep farm???? Janie looked pretty in that dress but it was totally out of place.

Like what someone said on a forum, SRCS is a stress-free lakorn. I can’t take any of the villains seriously so I didn’t feel any tension when Khwan appeared to be in trouble and while Khwan and Nop like to bicker with each other, there’s no angst in their relationship. My verdict on SRCS: Definitely a stress-free experience with some good laughs but it’s not a classic in my heart due to the weak plot and characterization.


Nan did redeem herself in KRN and she got her happy ending! Nan was the focus of the story so seems like she is both the nang’ek and nang’rai after all. For me, KRN was one of those could-have-been-good lakorns because there was so much the scriptwriters could have done with Nan but didn’t. If she was to be the ‘rose without thorns’ i.e. a rose inside but without thorns to protect her from bad influences, they need to balance out her evil actions with some goodness on her part however small, to show that she is worth redeeming. But Nan was just being a bitch throughout to the point where it’s hard for anyone (in the drama or the viewers) to have sympathy for her. The ending was a tad rush but seeing how I have a soft spot for Nan and Sarat, I’m pleased to see scenes of them being happy with their kid. I really like Ploy’s look in the final scene, the way her hair was done and the clothes she was wearing. Haa, I guess the ‘good wife look’ was to contrast with her wild/slutty way of dressing in the past? Speaking of clothes, Yaya is young and sweet-looking, why is she always wearing clothes that make her look 10 years older? Maybe the producers wanted her to look more mature in the larkon but sheesh, couldn’t the wardrobe people have picked something more stylish?

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