If I’m not hot and perfect, I couldn’t do it

13 Aug


Suay Rerd Cherd Sod is working so much for me perhaps because I hadn’t expected it to. I didn’t fancy the characters or the plot much in the beginning but I continued watching because it at least provided some comic relief and it’s not a bad way to spend my free time (I could fast-forward the boring parts anyway). Glad I stuck with it because it’s proving to be a very entertaining lakorn even if a little lacking in emotional depth.

I like how there are no third parties fighting for the pra’nang’s affections, so Khwan and Nop can concentrate on being cute with each other without angst, keeping in line with the overall feel of this lakorn. Those two losers that are always hanging around Khwan… erm, frankly they are quite creepy, I wonder how the hot and perfect Khwan can stand them hovering around her all the time. As for Pim, I’m glad she didn’t turn into a bitter/vengeful ex-girlfriend though I find it unconvincing how fast she managed to get over Nop and be friendly with KhwanUma. I’m just totally ignoring the fact that Nop and Pim were together for so many years because they sure don’t feel so!

The plot isn’t very believable but it’s a lot of fun and it’s great that Janie and Film have fun while acting too because it translates into hilarious scenes in the lakorn without feeling forced. According to the cast interview on Ratree Samosorn, Film ad-libs a lot and I must say he comes up with very funny and creative one-liners for Nop to insult (mainly) Khwan with. And Janie … it’s the first time I’m watching her lakorn, but she has certainly impressed with her professionalism. I love all her outfits and looks in the lakorn (which goes through like 3,4 changes an episode) and from the interviews, she really put a lot of thought and effort into designing the image for Khwan, a spoilt Hi-So model. And most importantly, she has no qualms about acting in ‘embarrassing’ scenes and she gives it her all each time, the latest being Khwan’s seduction of Nop in epi 11/12. Janie is a hoot dancing to old Thai music and when she asked if Nop is ‘ready to love her’ after watching her dance, Nop retorted with ‘No, I’m become sexually disabled’. XD Oh yes, I’m reminded of the dog Cindy in epi 12 … the dog is also the source of funny dialogue between Khwan and Nop.
I think the final 2 episodes are showing next week. Aww, Khwan and Nop will be missed. I’ve mentioned this before but I need to reiterate, Art Pasut is hot stuff. Heeh.

I think Wanida is showing after SRCS, but I’m mostly likely giving it a pass. Aff hasn’t impressed me much in her other lakorns after JLR, and Wanida’s plot sounds bit blah. Rabum Duang Dao is gonna show soon as well, with Ploy playing nang’rai AGAIN but hey, she does a great job and judging from the teasers, the nang’ek is no pushover for once, so we should be seeing lots of cat fights.

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