23 Jul

Ploy totally sizzles as the seductive Nan and even though she’s the nang’rai here, she has outshone the other characters in the first 2 episodes and I believe her character will continue to take center-stage throughout the lakorn! Actually that seems to be a problem with some lakorns where the conflicts are almost entirely created by the villians, which means said villians need more screen time and if not properly handled, the focus could shift from the main characters to the supporting cast. A couple of examples I could think of offhand are “Namtan Mai” (Ploy also stole the ATeam’s thunder there) and “Chaleuy Suk”.

Of course, it’s not like I’m complaining for “Rose Without Thorns” since I’m totally into Sarat and Nan.

Some behind the scenes clips of Ploy and Tah
Their wedding! Ploy is supppper pretty here. 😉

Nan being a nice wifeynot

Nan at the hospital after having Sarat’s kid! I didn’t see any scenes of a pregnant Nan in the teasers, just her being a total bitch to Nuch. Haaa. I know she succesfully gets Sarat to break of his engagement to Nuch and marry her, then tries to seduce Rome (STILL cannot remember his character’s name) – unsuccessfully this time though and there was a scene of her watching Nuch’s wedding with Rome with flames practically shooting out of her eyes. It wasn’t evident from the teasers what happens later, so I presume Nan gets her comeuppance eventually, gets pregnant with Sarat along the way and she realises Sarat is the one that truly loves her??

Suay Rerd Cherd Sod” is getting more interesting and I’m liking the interaction between Nop and Khuan now that they are less antagonistic towards each other. Though they continue to bicker with each other, I feel that the trust is building up between them. The scene where Nop ties Khuan up and drags her to his private villa (which btw was impossible. They were at a mall in the previous scene, so how could Nop tie Khuan up in public without being arrested for kidnapping? anyway…) reminded me so much of Sawan Biang. They even fell into the pool together later, again reminded me of Sawan Biang… but of course, this is the funny version with Nop and Khuan smacking each other in the pool.

Nop is a nice guy, but he really is a lousy boyfriend to Pim. I’m not a fan of mopey Pim but what she said was true – Nop wasn’t there to protect her when she was hurt by others. By spending time with Khuan (even if for work) instead of caring for Pim, he’s showing where his priorities are. Bottom line, he just doesn’t love Pim that much.

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