Rose without thorns epi1 – 2.3

19 Jul

wow, I must say Ploy is really suited to play the seductress. Nan is already turning on the works to entrap Sarat and it won’t be long before Nuch’s world comes crashing down. Yaya is surprisingly not-annoying as the angelic Nuch (I generally don’t take well to such unrealistically naive characters) and her acting is alright for a newbie. Still, the plot isn’t doing anything for me and I foresee myself tearing my hair at the cliche-ness and fastforwarding through entire episodes. I mean, I can’t even remember the pra’ek’s name. That shows how much enthusiasm I’m feeling for the main couple. I’m actually rooting for Sarat and Nan to work things out eventually even though Nan’s supposed to be an evil!bitch. XD

Ploy looking fierce as the resident bitch. rawr.


Sweetie-pie Nuch has no idea what her dear P’Nan has in store for her……


gasp, is that a happy family picture I spot of Nan and Sarat?? There is hope yet for our temptress! Go go Sarat, fight for your love and redeem Nan, whose thoughts have been poisoned by her mom and grandma all her life.

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