don’t you wanna see it when we make it worldwide

19 Jul

KAT-TUN was the first and only Johnny’s boyband I fangirled over and for that, they will always hold a special place in my heart. I got to know them just before their debut and there was so much excitement and joy when KAT-TUN finally debuted with a bang. For the next 2 years, I journeyed with the boys through their music, concerts, variety shows, dramas and I’m thankful for the good stuff that KAT-TUN gave me with their hard work. But slowly I drifted from the fandom (really, it’s not them, it’s me. I’m a fickle fangirl) and while I still keep tabs on what KAT-TUN is up to, I’m no longer emotionally invested in them.

And so, leading to the point of this post… news of Jin ‘most probably’ leaving KAT-TUN didn’t affect me. There’s no official confirmation yet but considering Jin’s past actions, it’s more of a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if’ to me. I never was a big Jin fan to begin with, but I do appreciate his lovely voice and I would love for all 6 to forge ahead in the entertainment world together. Some fans who see Johnny Kitagawa as the villian forcing Jin to choose between going solo and remaining in KAT-TUN have raised Yamapi as an example of how an artiste can develop his solo work while continuing as a group and yes, that’s how many Johnny’s boys/men operate. The crux of the issue here though, is not solo vs group, but Jin’s commitment towards KAT-TUN. The vibes I’ve been getting from Jin is that he doesn’t want to stay in KAT-TUN all that much and he has actually missed out on a lot of KAT-TUN’s recent works due to his personal pursuits/solo tour etc. I just find that being terribly unfair to the remaining 5 members who have been putting in their best for the group.

I don’t fault Jin for desiring to go solo (in USA or otherwise) because that’s his dream and he should be free to pursue it. People grow up and their goals change. No biggie. But like what some fans have mentioned, KAT-TUN cannot be treated as a ‘backup plan’ for Jin to fall back on in case his solo doesn’t work out.

I know the news is crushing for many fans of KAT-TUN, especially those whose favourite member is Jin, but given the current situation, it’s not a bad thing for Jin to leave KAT-TUN. He will be happier doing what he wants and KAT-TUN can also get closure and concentrate on moving forward as a 5 member group.

I miss those simplier days.

One Response to “don’t you wanna see it when we make it worldwide”

  1. sophory August 3, 2010 at 9:27 PM #

    To be really honest, part of me saw it coming you know. ( I think we us fan all did at some point ) we figured out that He just wasn’t the same anymore and we … I mostly tried to deny that. but after SuJu and DBSK separation you know it’s like … is it a new trend or something ??!! oh well I just but can wish for them all the best. to both Jin and KatTun

    Be strong girl. They still need our support.

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