15 Jul

Bleach latest chapter is delayed this week but judging from the spoilers, we gonna have some Gin/Matsu moments. Gin appears to have his own agenda (no surprise) but is he only trying to protect Matsumoto by keeping her away, or is he planning to double cross Aizen to become the ultimate boss, or is he really one of the good guys planted beside Aizen? The theory that Gin is working undercover ala “Infernal Affairs” has been floating around for the longest time but I do hope that he stays the self-serving villain that he appears to be. We lack good villains!

There are still funny moments in epi 3 of “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod”, but the stupidity of the characters makes me go argggg as I watch. Why in the world does Nop think kissing Khuan in public (on 2 occasions at that) is a good way of getting back at her? Yes, it’s embarrassing to Khuan but isn’t he putting his relationship with Pim on the line by doing so? Seriously, if my boyfriend tells me he’s only trying to tease another girl by kissing said girl, I will give him a few good slaps. Aaaaaand then there’s Pim. Her constant sad-face is irritating me and granted, Khuan was mean to make the models do their walk 10 times, but it wasn’t like Khuan singled Pim out for the walking. Everyone did the same thing so why the hell is Pim moaning that Khuan is targeting her? To top it off, Pim’s twisted ankle has nothing to do with Khuan so why is Nop ‘taking revenge’ for Pim?? meh, I don’t know, it’s funny to see Nop and Khuan take turns sabotaging each other but the reasons leading up to their confrontations are so lame. Looks like Vee is turning ‘evil’ but I’m not caring much for his storyline so I fastforwarded all his parts with Da. Oops.

Rose Without Thorns is out! Ploy’s character Nantawadee reminds me a lot of the evil girl she played in Namtan Mai, heck even the house she stays in looks the same (or maybe it’s just my memory failing). I really hope for Nantawadee be a less one-dimensional villain who only exists to make life a sob fest for the nang’ek and hopefully she gets true love in the end too! Haa, but what are the chances of a happy ending for the evil girl? From the synopsis, Sarat (Tah) will truly love Nantawadee so fingers crossed that there will be redemption waiting at the end for her. Speaking of Tah, after going gay in Namtan Mai, he’s looking spiffy and manly in his military uniform! As for the main leads, Rome is handsome and Yaya looks sweet. Erm, yea, that sums up my impression so far.

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