13 Jul

“Xxxholic” has gone monthly which means a longer wait between updates but at least CLAMP are giving us more pages. I use to ship DouWata so hard but since “Rou” started, I’ve been ambivalent about where CLAMP is taking their relationship. The DouWata tag-team worked well under the supervision of Yuuko, with them balancing each other out but now, the relationship feels more like a one-way street with Doumeki giving and giving and giving some more without any obvious appreciation from Watanuki. Yes, I know Watanuki is in a funk because of what happened to Yuuko and yes, I understand that he tries to distance himself from Doumeki (and even others from the ‘outside’ world like Kohane to avoid dragging them into this situation that he chose to be in) but is it really that hard to show an itsy-bitsy bit of thanks for what Doumeki has been doing for the past 10 friggin’ years? And it has been 10 years, should be pretty obvious by now Doumeki isn’t going anywhere. To be fair, Watanuki does care for Doumeki in a round-about-way by cooking for Doumeki and protecting Doumeki subtly (e.g. the ring and putting a barrier around Doumeki instead of himself in the latest confrontation with the dark forces) but his whole general attitude towards Doumeki doesn’t sit well with me. Then there’s Doumeki. I love him, I truly do but since “Rou”, there hasn’t been much development character wise. His entire life is devoted to Watanuki, everything and I mean everything revolves around Watanuki and while that was part of his charm, this character is starting to look a little flat. Doumeki is losing himself. Here’s hoping CLAMP is actually leading up to something big from here.

As for Bleach, I’m still catching each chapter faithfully every week but I’ve kinda lost the plot now. Just happy to see bishie!Aizen walk around with Gin. Matsumoto’s showdown with Gin looks to be coming up soon and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t see the end of my favourite villian. And where’s Rukia???

The first 2 episodes of “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod” was funny and enjoyable though the bratty KhwanUma (Janie) isn’t as likable as Alin in SSH. Khwan’s ‘battles’ with Nop (Film) gave me some good laughs and I especially liked their first face-off in the lift but Khwan is honestly a self-centered bitch. I’ve not been impressed by any characters so far: Pim is too mopey, Da is weird, Toiting is very annoying, the Uncle-Cousin villian duo screams cliché, and Nop is too run-of-the-mill. Vee (Art) though not any more spectacular a character, is eye-candy for me so I enjoyed his scenes. Lol.

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