A Rose Without Thorns

29 Jun

Too much has been going on in RL and I’m back to seeking emotional refuge in the make-believe world of dramas where everything gets tied up nicely by the last episode.

The only lakorn I’m looking forward to is Ken/Ann’s “365 Days of Love” but it’s not airing so soon and I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to find a lakorn to entertain me in the meantime. The story for Rome’s new lakorn “Kulap Rai Nam (A Rose without Thorns)” is just typical beyond typical, what with the sweet nang’ek getting bullied by her conniving elder sister but she’ll end up winning over the handsome pra’ek with her pure heart. The only reason I will give this a shot is not for Rome, but for Ploy who is playing the evil nang’rai yet again. Heeh, I don’t know why, but I just enjoy watching Ploy on screen even though she often ends up as the villian.

I’m also done with TVB’s “The Mysteries of Love” which was initially criticised for ripping off the plot of J-drama “Galileo” but the two dramas are actually very different. Kings (Raymond Lam) is a genius physics professor who gets roped in by his police inspector pal Gordon (Kenneth Ma) to help solve cases and that’s really where the similarities end. “Galileo”, as with many J-dramas, is not romance centric and concentrates on solving the cases in a systemetic manner. For all the cases in “Galileo”, physics played a central role in uncovering the truth and the eccentric Yukawa is the main star of the drama (I ignore the female side-kick Kaoru ‘cos she’s too annoying. Anyway I’m still pissed that the scriptwriters pretty much replaced the role that Shunpei had in the novel with Kaoru just so that a female character gets more screen time with Yukawa.)

“Mysteries of Love” on the other hand, honestly … the cases are so lame. The audience easily picks up the clues before the police gets them and the cases are always so conveniently resolved. Some physics theories get thrown in here and there but it’s more like an afterthought rather than the key to solving the cases. Actually, they don’t even use that much physics ‘cos Kings was always calling up his professor friends in other faculties to help.

So, what kept me watching for all 24 episodes and even made me cry on a few occassions? The star of MoL isn’t any one character but the various kinds of relationships potrayed. The love and support 犀利妹’s (Tavia Yeung … I’ll just refer to her character as SLM!) family have for each other, the camaraderie in Gordon’s unit, the friendship between Gordon and Kings, the love that SLM has for Kings. A quick poll among my friends indicate that Kings and SLM’s relationship got a few tears out of all of them and I must say Tavia did a very good job with SLM. Kings on the other hand… hmm, I think Raymond Lam did alright as Kings but it was the scriptwriters’ fault for not doing enough to shape the character. Oooh yes, Kenneth Ma didn’t leave much of an impression on me when I saw him in a couple other dramas but he’s definitely got my attention with his potrayal of Gordon. Erm, but I didn’t quite get his relationship with Nickole (Bernice Liu) so I ended up fastforwarding all their scenes in the later part of the drama! And even though I said the cases are lame, they can be entertaining if you don’t bother too much with logic. XD

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