what I’ve been up to

17 May

I’ve gotten lazy with updating, but I’ve not been slacking on the tv watching front. Haah,

So, I have finished “Chaleuy Suk” as promised but sadly it never got any better and I accomplished the feat only after lots of fastforwarding. The only bright spots in the lakorn was… no surprise, Khun Atisak who was the fine gentleman to the very end. I especially loved how Atisak dealt with JKF after that man-whore got caught in bed with Seebo. I doubt the audience will be sorry to see Atisak shoot JKF like he had earlier threatened to (the if-you-make-my-sister-cry threat that big brothers are fond of making) but realistically I guess he couldn’t exactly kill the prince of Chiang-rat. Anyway, Atisak returned JKF’s family ring to him and JKF tried the stupid line of how he would only accept it back if Alisa returned it to him personally (seriously, this line is overused in dramas) and our wise and pissed off Atisak places the ring firmly in JKF’s hand and said something about how Alisa will not give him that honour (my memory’s hazy on this). That scene really made an impression on me because it shows how honourable and in-control Atisak is, able to deal with JKF appropriately without ever lowering himself to be on JKF’s level.
As for the actual lead characters, Yothin and Alisa … I can’t remember much about their love story! I checked out a bit of Ken’s new lakorn “Weewa Wah Woon” and it looks alright, but it hasn’t been enough to hook me in. Might get back to it later if I’m bored enough. Meh, that wraps up lakorns for now.

Other stuff that I’m following
-「新参者」(Shinzanmono), a Japanese detective drama starring Abe Hiroshi as the eccentric new detective in town with a penchant for taiyaki. Abe Hiroshi really works such offbeat characters and though I wouldn’t exactly term the show ‘lighthearted’, there are enough funny moments to keep me entertained.
-「さらい屋五葉」(Saraiya goyou) , a new anime set in the Edo-period about a fumbling ronin who gets reluctantly involved with a gang of kidnappers. The drawing style is different from what you’re used to see in animes but I love this style of art and the characters, the background, the details, they’re all gorgeous to behold. The pacing of the story is slow, with attention given to everyday activities like preparation of food, smoking a pipe etc, but I like the leisurely, almost lazy feel of the anime … watching it always reminds me of watching the sun set while sipping a cup of hot green tea.
– “White Collar” You’ll need to stretch your imagination a little for each case-of-the-week, but hey, pretty boy Matt Bomer as Neal is enough of a distraction and I’m totally digging the bromance between Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal. The trust issues, the bickering, the I’ve-got-your-back moments, the seamless teamwork … and it helps to have funny lines too. 😉

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