the other side

5 Apr

As mentioned previously, I’m only a casual Bleach fan and my interest in the manga/anime comes in spurts as I don’t have the patience to constantly follow a long running series. For any fandoms, I avoid reading anything that I know I will potentially have an issue with (like on characters or ships that I don’t like, or threads bashing my favourite stars etc) because I happy enough reading up on stuff I do like. As an IchiRuki fan, I’ve always concentrated on this part of the fandom and there are plenty of brilliant commentries on them to keep me occupied so I’ve never bothered to peek at the other side. I don’t know what overcame me today – I decided to check out the IchiHime thread. -_- I thought I might have been too one-sided, perhaps they do have a case for IchiHime that’s somehow buried under the avalanche of evidence pointing towards IchiRuki. The result? I read 2 pages and had to escape from the lalaland that IchiHime fans are living in. There was no discussion of anything related to the manga or even the anime (which really isn’t cannon… but anyway.), just post after post of squeeing at make-believe scenarios in which IchiHime is married (oh the horror). And they weren’t even in-character scenarios!! Are we talking about the same Ichigo and Orihime from Bleach? Gosh, am I glad for the solid IchiRuki fans who provide in-depth analysis of the characters and plot backed up by evidence from the actual manga.

One Response to “the other side”

  1. mikitori April 10, 2010 at 6:57 PM #

    Same O.o

    Yeah I did the same thing a few days ago…except the IchiHime FC I read was much worse. Their heads were in the clouds along with too much talk of intimate acts that Ichigo and Orihime would do O.O. It was scary and I literally got a headache from it. I was thinking to myself…’Thank GOD I’m an IchiRuki fan!’

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