Back from the Blind

3 Apr

xxxHolic and Bleach have been pretty good to me since I came back from my holiday.

In xxxHolic, Watanuki gave Doumeki a ring as a birthday present. *cue fangirl scream* yea yea, he didn’t intend to propose (even if Doumeki seemed to take it that way, by promptly trying to jam it onto his ring finger), but chapter 203/204 made me see Watanuki’s awkward gentleness towards Doumeki. ❤

Then BLEACH 398… wow, I haven't been this excited by a chapter in a long while.
Isshin making his grand entrace +100
Ichigo thinking of Rukia at this very important point in time and repeating her words to Isshin +100000
Gin finally taking part in the fight +1000 (Kubo had better not skip it like he did with Gin vs Shinji. I will be Not Happy.)

Even though Ichigo is not my favourite character (or even in my top 5 for that matter), he is The Hero after all and he drives the story with his growth. I was both happy and relief to see the Ichigo return, the one that fights with his Dad, the one that has confidence, the one that is the man in Rukia’s heart. Ichigo has come home.

Aizen may be able to control the people that Ichigo meet and the places he ends up in, but he the one thing Aizen cannot control is the relationship Ichigo builds with those people. Rukia and Ichigo’s meeting was engineered, but how they bonded with each other after that, I still say it IS destiny.

To Aizen, Rukia is a mere pawn in the grand scheme of things but she’s so much more than that to Ichigo. I find it strange how certain shippers refuse to see the picture that Kubo has been painting for the past few hundred chapters and continue to insist that Inuoe is the girl for Ichigo. I’m a casual BLEACH fan and I don’t remember many of the details but when I think about the path that Ichigo has taken so far, Rukia is the one who helped him grow and better himself. When he is down, Rukia knows what it takes to pull him out of it and when I think of IchiRuki, I think of a heroic Ichigo. With Inuoe … just look at the most recent HM arc. Quite disastrous developments for Ichigo. I’m not saying Inoue caused the situation (I don’t like Inuoe’s weak chracter but she’s a nice girl and she does try) but she definitely was not able to rise up to the ocassion. Ichigo may not be habouring romantic feelings towards Rukia at this point in time (shounen manga after all) but people, Inuoe loving Ichigo does not equate him loving her back.

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