Rak Leh Saneh Luang (Deceptive Love)

15 Mar

As it turns out, Por does not play twins in this lakorn. He plays half brothers, Piwat (Wat) and Phuwit (Phu), who looks exactly like each other (Brief summary of the story found here.). Not a very realistic premise but heck, if we want realism we’d be watching a documentary right?

I wanted to see more of Por and Ploy together and they did have quite a few sweet scenes together but overall, I’m not a fan of any of the characters. Still, I finished this lakorn at a breakneck speed (20 episodes in 3 days) because I want to know what happens next, so I guess the plot is still engaging enough as oppose to say “Chaleuy Suk”. I felt the same way with Kdrama “Cruel Temptations”, going through 100++ episodes in a week (with plenty of fastforward-ing) to find out how things will get resolve while not caring for the characters at all.

Wat reminds me of Lek in SSH, forced to marry a rich girl by his domineering mother in order to save their failing publishing house. But for all of Lek’s failings, he was at least faithful to his love for Tha. As for Wat … how can his ‘love’ be trusted when it’s so easily given and then betrayed? He went on and on about how much he loved Aom but as soon as they were apart, he got all touchy-feely with Dao. It would’ve been acceptable if he slowly drifted away from Aom and then fell in love with Dao but my problem with him is, he was professing his love for Aom up to the very end! Even when Aom caught him red-handed with Dao, he had the cheek to claim that he ‘never thought to stop loving Aom’. Khun Wat ka, “love” is not sleeping with another girl when your girlfriend is away! Then he decided he has to take responsibility for Dao after sleeping with her once, but strangely, he never thought to take the same responsibility after sleeping with Aom for so many times. When Dao lied to Wat that she slept with Phu, he got all sad-faced and promptly packed up and returned to Bangkok … and went straight to Aom!! He was SO obviously planning to get back with Aom but thankfully dear Aom had already gotten herself a much better man, so it’s good riddance to unfaithful Wat.

I liked Dao’s feisty character initially but I started to dislike her after she got together with Wat. It was not wrong for her to fall in love with Wat (since Wat was the one that flirted with her in the first place) but she slept with him knowing that he has a girlfriend with whom he was supposedly very much in love with. She kept saying that she did not think to get anything from Wat, but fact is, she allowed herself to become a third party in Wat/Aom’s relationship.

Phu and Ja were a cute pair but I’m just not convinced of their love. Phu was totally faithful to Ja, so some points for that, but otherwise, he was a very rude person. I can’t comprehend his intense dislike for Dao which was irrational, illogical and unreasonable. He hurled insults at Dao freely, used violence against her and even set her house on fire! All that for simply staying on the land that legally belonged to her. Even when Phu was with Ja, I felt that some of the things he said were really demeaning to women, no wonder Ja was angry with him. Being a pra’ek doesn’t mean a character should be forgiven for speaking nonsense! Ploy was very pretty as Ja and she’s a sweet girl but not much depth to her charater. Still, I’m definitely liking Ploy more and more. If only she could get more nang’ek roles!

The only character that I liked was Aom. She really loved Wat and did everything she could for their relationship only to end up being betrayed by Wat. She was understandably angry and Wat/Dao totally deserved the slaps they got. What’s great about Aom was that she recognize Wat for what he really is (a cheating bastard) and did not try to cling onto their relationship. Happy that she ended up with Mark (who played a bit part in helping Phu and Ja get together)!

I rate this: 2.5/5

Sigh, I’ve run out of larkons to watch! Please recommend me some good ones that are completed and subbed!

16 Responses to “Rak Leh Saneh Luang (Deceptive Love)”

  1. sophory March 30, 2010 at 6:16 AM #

    well sweetie I don’t have a COMPLETED and SUBBED one to share but you’ve got to try LuemPlaiLaiRak. I don’t know if I ever told you this but I sometimes cringe against raw lakorns ( the without subs ones ) only several made the list. and LuemPlaiLaiRak is on the list. give it a try yo. I turn it on out of boreness and now I can’t wait for the next episode to be out. subbed/dubbed/ or not ! ^-* yea so far, I think it’s that good. Although Aun isn’t Huang Xiaoming ( … ) I think I’ll support this lakorn. while waiting for new doramas to come out later in April…


    • J April 1, 2010 at 7:52 AM #

      What’s the storyline like? Yea, I generally avoid watching anything in a foreign language without subs cos I don’t like to guess the conversation.
      For now I’m patiently waiting for 365 Days of Love! Though it’s gonna be a loooong wait… shooting has only just begun. T__T

      • sophory April 2, 2010 at 2:45 AM #

        Its pretty much all assumptions here as you’ve guessed it I don’t know the language. but for a series to keep us hook when we can only but guess the conversation, one must be quite well produced, don’t you agree? or at least attractive enough to keep the viewer interested. ( aka me ^-^ )

        well the plot is quite a Romeo&Juliet spinoff. there’s 2 families at war for some reason. then the “childrens” meet up. it’s not exactly love at first sight. their character are quite different but things happen forcing them to meet each other again and again. Someone (?) against them. They will have to join hands in order to protect themselves. There’s an “intrigue” and the story unfolds in an interesting way. I’m now up at episode 5. and I have to thumps up the producer-scriptwriter, nearly all the personnages aren’t one dimensional which is quite amazing. I even feel good toward Lem, one of the half-baddies of the story. Besides he’s acting is solid. so much better than the lead!

        The first episode sets the tone to this lakorn: scheming-plotting-fights-romance-love/flirting/humour all in the mix, but in a very watchable way. I didn’t feel it was too random So to say it’s nothing close to Chaleuy Suk if it can sell in any way. ;-p I can’t put my finger on it. but something attracts me to this lakorn or maybe the main lead reminds me of Huang Xiaoming? I rewatched ROTCH ( again) and again I felt for Yang Guo’s character. *blush*

        about 365. yea. it just started to film. and it looks good already. It would takes some times before its airing. But now I can manage to wait since I found THIS lakorn! hahaha then after this later this month, more dorama to follow. then I believe they’ll be some hongkong tv series to follow as well. And I have yet to catch up on Chuno. .. :shakehead: woot woot. since they’ll be school and work and my best friend wedding on June. I guess things will go smoothly fast now … ha until 365. ! ^-^

        oh yea did I ever told you I watched Liar Game and finished season 1 ? heard the second one is better.

      • J April 8, 2010 at 1:26 PM #

        I love AkiyamaxNao in LG, but personally I think season 1 was more engaging. There were a couple of good episodes in season 2 but sometimes I feel my interest waning.

        You’re a fan of Huang Xiaoming? His version of ROTCH was alright, but I thought Liu Yifei was too wooden as Little Dragon Girl and I wasn’t too happy with how the director dealt with certain scenes. Their reunion scene after 16 years was quite a facepalm moment for me when I saw Liu Yifei on a swing with flowers in her hair. Heeh, maybe I’m just really picky… guess no tv adaptation will ever hold up to the original novels for me. For the same director, I preferred his handling of “The Demi-gods and Semi-devils” and “Sword Stained with Royal Blood”.

        I’m still trying to finish Chaleuy Suk and as much as I love Ann, Alisa is annoying me. o__O

      • sophory August 3, 2010 at 9:55 PM #

        YuFei yea she is wooden. that’s a taken. she has an upcoming movie with WangLH. I saw some stills pictures. they are a fitting couple. hoppefully she would show improvement. As of the new drama with HXM, Summer’s Desire, I haven’t really started it. I tried twice watching Sword Stained with Royal Blood. I don’t know why I just can’t pass the first episode. weird. not the right timing I guess. But that’s really my type of story. You read lots of Chinese novels?

        Chaleuy Suk I haven’t continued since then. Even with the dubbed version out. Just don’t feel like watching it. In the meantime I started few others lakorns SO NOT WORTHY OF US spending time for it. But August helds several interesting dramas. should be good enough.¨-^

        I went and watched Salt and Inception. Pretty good movies I must say. Salt turns out better that thought and Inception is a bit overrated but the visual effect is stunning.

      • J August 4, 2010 at 3:09 AM #

        Yep, I’ve read about 80% of Louis Cha’s novels.
        I’ve seen a few clips of “Summer Desire” but the storyline doesn’t appeal to me and I’m not a fan of Peter Ho, so I won’t be catching it. Hmm, actually I haven’t been watching Taiwan’s idol dramas for quite some time already. The recent hot dramas just don’t seem to catch my attention!

        As for lakorns, nothing spectacular showing now like you said… though I am enjoying Janie and Film’s “Suay Rerd Cherd Sod”. What interesting dramas are gonna show in August??

        I liked Inception. 🙂 Although it wasn’t omg-the-greatest-movie-of-all-time like how some reviewers have gushed over it, I found it a refreashing movie that stood out among the mediocre movie offerings in recent years. I’m gonna catch Salt soon!

      • sophory October 3, 2010 at 2:12 AM #

        yo ! 365 is due on October 21st!!!! Are you counting the days like I do? ^-^ It might takes some time to get the eng sub but Iheartlakorns latest pictures release just fill me with lots of excitement. Can’t wait for it.

      • J October 7, 2010 at 5:13 AM #

        How time flies … their new lakorn is gonna show soon! I think Anonymousblue will be subbing this lakorn and she’s pretty fast, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. 🙂

      • J November 23, 2010 at 2:48 AM #

        Hello! Have you been following 365 Days of Love?? I caught a bit of the first episode but it didn’t attract me enough to carry on watching O__o … I’m actually re-watching Sawan Biang now!

      • sophory December 10, 2010 at 4:30 AM #

        Nah I haven’t. I d/led the first 4 episodes but never actually managed to get myself focused for it. I don’t know if it was because of the storyline itself or because I had others dramas lining up and my heavy school workload all combined that drove me away from it so .. yea … hahaha … I tried to follow up on SarnWorld though and I read spoilers here and there and I thought the movie didn’t exactly move forward very much. Let’s just say it’s no Sawan Bian’s pace. so yup. I’ll most likely wait for the dubbed version instead. Oh

        In the meantime I got caught up with HK series No Regrets and Korean Drama Mary Mary Me. I dropped Mary. I thought the second lead was quite my cup of tea at first ( though he gave me much an effeminate vibe first time I saw him ( Antique Bakery ) but storywise It was tedious for me to follow up.
        No Regrets was really fine though I FF some part of it but the ride was fun while it lasted! Besides both leads won an award for it so again all the best I guess! ^-^”

        beside university and backstabbing from teamworkers, I’m currently back on manga and anime mode. And I discovered a new genre yet unknown for me. It might disgust you though but yup I’m now into shonen-ai. That’s boys love. I’m not too sure what leads me to that but … yea somehow I strumble upon a manga on mangatraders. I read it at first out of boreness and realized there’s actually plot and all and I found myself pulled into the story so yup ! While doing assessment and term paper I also d/led load of mangas and animes on the side ..And I somehow manage to have time to sleep eat, have social life, go to school and prepare for tests haha ! It’s been a while I’ve been this efficient. ^-^”

        I don’t wanna rant about school here so yea.

        What ya up too hon? I remember myself got caught up with Sawan Biang as well. Up until now I still can’t pinpoint what’s so good about that lakorn. No honestly. The more you watch it, the more you grow attached to it. It wickedly insane in my opinion. ^-^

      • J December 10, 2010 at 9:50 AM #

        I started watching 365 Days of Love from episode 8 and I was actually into it enough to keep checking for the latest sub episodes. Haaa. I’m not crazy about the story but somehow Ken/Ann kept me going. Plot aside, I love all the sweet scenes between Ken/Ann (and there are plenty) which are so natural … makes me believe they are really married!

        I caught No Regrets as soon as it came out because I really liked Rosy Business but the scriptwriter was a bit heavy handed with No Regrets for my liking and I’ve only made it till episode 10 so far. Great acting from the cast thought … erm, except Fala Chen.

        As for shounen-ai, if you read my old posts, this journal used to be mostly about boys love stuff before I got started on lakorns. Heeeh. I have read my share of BL manga but they started to look the same after a while. I prefer reading those that do not specifically belong to BL genre but have male leads with ambiguous feelings for each other ‘cos they usually have more of a plot … if you know what I mean. XD

        My favourite BL manga is ‘Koori no mamono no monogatari’(Ice Cold Demon’s Tale). Well actually, it’s the only BL manga I remember. The rest are mainly one volume stuff that I forget once I’m done with it. http://manga.animea.net/koori-no-mamono-no-monogatari.html hope you will enjoy this one!

        Others that are not labeled BL but I swear the love is there between the guys …
        ‘Godchild/Count Cain’ by Kaori Yuki. Her trademark is twisted and dark stories so it might not be your cup of tea but the shock value decreases after a while and her mangas don’t faze me anymore. Cain/Riff = love
        ‘Petshop of Horrors’ by Matsuri Akino. There’s honestly not much horror after the first few chapters. In fact, the interaction between Count D and Leon gets quite funny and sweet. ^^

        Good luck with school! Backstabbing sucks! >:0
        I’m obsessing over the Adam couple on Korean variety show ‘We Got Married’ but it only shows once a week so I’m bored for the rest of the week! I’m planning to watch ‘Rang Ngao’ and tvb’s ‘Gun Metal Grey’ (weird English title. Hmm) but I don’t know why there’s this inertia to get started on new dramas even though I’m bored. I always end up re-watching/reading old classic stuff … I’m weird. Haa.

      • sophory February 8, 2011 at 4:25 PM #

        Nah you’re not weird. Since I do the same as to rewatch old shows out of boreness. ^-^” If weirdness is, that makes us two weirdos. !^O^

        I totally forgot about you liking BL stories. Another common interest yay ! It was somewhat tiring after a while you know. I was able to tell my male friends that I read shounen-ai but not to my female friends. Go figure why? Ha! To be able to express your interest frankly without feeling remorse or embarrassment is yet something I have to gain confidence to do. Even with my closest friends. Ha … I think I’m simply more at ease with my boy friends.

        I looked for your favorite BL story. I read it now up to volume 5. Ishuca is a bit too clueless to my liking but I like the art, It is really nicely drawn.

        As of now I still haven’t pick up 365 days from where I left it. In fact apart from anime and few gay movies and random dramas, I haven’t seen anything else much. Lack of time and interest I guess. But about two days ago, I think I realized as to why I’ve been reading and growing such an interest for BL love stories. The answer has saddened me quite much since I understood it about two days after my birthday. ( born Feb 4th, aquarius ^-^ ) But I’m glad to have a better understanding of my own conduct. Not that it is bad or anything, liking BL stories does not represent a weaknesss but the reason I’ve been attracted to it started with a need to fulfill and I guess that’s a weakness right ?

        I got myself a one month job contract this winter, just ended two weeks ago. They asked about when I’ll be finished with school and all, said they want to open a new position. I thought at first that they were joking but seems like I might have something waiting for me. Still nothing has been confirmed yet. But all the best I hope. The feeling of being wanted somewhere is always fulfilling. ^-^”

        Things have been quite satisfying for me since the new year you know. Many unsolved thing have been cleared. I found myself more conscious of what I’m doing and where I’m heading to. I think I’ve always been aware of it, just that I didn’t have enough courage to face it before. For 2011, I feel inspired and somewhat stronger. Because being positive doesn’t solve problem, facing the problem head upfront is sometimes the better option. That I realized in a span of merely 6 weeks. But the awakening has started since me standing up for my grand-mom this last summer, going all alone against everyone around me, even my own family. Standing for what you believe in. This is so easy to say ( type in this case ^-^” ) but so hard to accomplish. Little at the time, I feel like becoming a better person, I feel like being more honest with myself. But I realized that this choice might lead me to being on my own as well. While I want people to like me for who I am and to know me for who I really am, maybe people aren’t exactly ready for that? I also need to realize that while I want people to like me for who I am, I also have to love them for who they are … quite demanding this rule eh ?? ^-”

        In any case the new year have been a good start for me though the amount of tears and smiles are much on the same level. Have you celebrated the Chinese New Year ? A boy friend of mine left for Japan for a short trip. He’s now somewhere in Hong Kong apparently. While he’s gone looking for love out there, I still need to grab my courage to face with my own feelings. Haha …

        I started on Kdrama My Princess, but now it’s stalling I don’t feel like d/ling the latest episodes. But SSH is too cute in his first comic role. He shared a nice chemistry with KTH I think. She’s like the kyoko fukada’s korean version with wooden acting but cute face. haha … But she’s not too bad in this one. Futhermore her character is likable. I haven’t seen Secret Garden though. Both my bro and sis were into it. I’m waiting for the fuse to calm down a bit and might catch up with it then.

        Take care yo!

      • J February 22, 2011 at 7:17 AM #

        Re Koori: yea, I’m not a big fan of Ishuca either because he’s often too kind-hearted for his own good. I was actually rooting for Nei to get Blood in the beginning even though I know it’s impossible since Ishuca is the lead. Haa. But I do love how Ishuca and Blood progress together in their relationship and they learn a lot over the course of the manga. My personal favourite couple though is Wild and Rapunzel. They get their own story arc in volume 7 or 8 I think.

        Yea, there haven’t been any dramas around recently that can get me all crazy. I just finished watching the Jdrama ‘Jin’ and I liked it a lot. The production was of great quality and the characters were pretty awesome overall but I don’t seem to have the passion to blog about it. Now that I’m done with ‘Jin’, I’m out of dramas to watch again! I’m also considering ‘Secret Garden’ since it’s such a big hit and from what I’ve read about the show, I think I’ll like it.
        As for BL movies, have you seen the Thai movie ‘Love of Siam’? It’s a bittersweet coming of age story that’s dealt with in a subtle and moving manner and it has a lovely OST to boot. Another movie I’d recommend is ‘Eternal Summer’ from Taiwan but it made me depressed for a couple of days after I watched it. >_>

        Good to know that the year has started off good for you. Family stuff is always tricky but yay that you have become more honest with yourself. Chinese New Year was alright for me, the usual eating and visiting relatives. But I’m also struck by how fast time flies by and I feel like I haven’t accomplished as many things as I had expect myself to at this age and it’s making me quite anxious about my future. I hope I can also be brave like you in 2011 and make some changes in my life! All the best for your job too!

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