Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma (2)

9 Mar


Heeh, I went through the remaining 5 episodes in a day (granted with some fastforwarding during the flashbacks). Like Mr. Dickhead, Phoo Yai Mod and his daughter Pathum also suffer from this syndrome called inability-to-understand-rejection but they are slightly less shameless than Dick (only slightly) so I won’t waste time expounding on their silly exploits. Anyway, they got what they deserved in the end (which is each other) so it’s good riddance to the stupid trio.
Phoo Yai Lee’s worker Wao, is one of the good guys but he’s can get a lil’ creepy sometimes so minus a few points for him. Sorry Wao.

Despite the exaggerated bad guys (I sincerely hope there’s no one that actually behaves like Dick or Pathum!), I’d still rate the lakorn highly. It’s set in the village and it’s a nice change to see the lush fields and blues skies instead of offices and shopping malls. The show also has a lot of moral messages in it but it’s done in a lighthearted manner and doesn’t feel overtly preachy so that’s a good change from lakorns that have pra’eks raping nang’eks and people revenging each other all the time. It deals with issues like caring for the land that provides for you, the importance of education/family/community, and also encourages young people to return to their farms instead of looking towards the bright lights of Bangkok. Of course, it’s an idealized situation because farming is much tougher than what it looks like in the show and I doubt the Phoo Yai’s in the villages look like Por. XD Nevertheless, it reminds the viewers that every grain of rice is borne out of hard work, so always be grateful for your food and don’t waste it!


(not a literal translation, but it roughly means who knows the hard work and sweat that goes into each grain of rice on your plate)

Ok, back to PYL (phoo yai lee) and Ma. Their love is not the earth-shattering type and it may even seem a little old-fashioned but seeing them together gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach. Por apparently plays the aggressive role in other lakorns but I wouldn’t know it from watching his portrayal of PYL! I’m also liking Ploy more and more… hopefully she’ll receive more nang’ek roles from now on. I love the Por/Ploy pair so much I’m gonna start on Rak Leh Saneh Luang next! It’s an earlier lakorn of them together but there’re two nang’eks for this one cos Por plays twins.

I rate this: 4/5

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