Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma (1)

8 Mar


My lakorn experience is pretty narrow in the sense that I’ve only completed dramas that paired up Aff, Aum, Ken or Ann. I tried to go for some variety by catching “Kaew Tah Pee” starring Tik and Cherry about a year back but I got so irritated with the main characters that I gave up half way and that lakorn left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m still hesitant to check out anything with Tik or Cherry in it. Later I also gave “Silamanee” a shot and though I was alright with the plot and acting, it couldn’t sustain my interest and I dropped it after 3 or 4 episodes. Ditto how things went with “Sapai Glai Peun Tiang” (Chakrit/Ann) and “Chaleuy Suk” (Ann/Rome). I thought at least these 2 lakorns starred my favourite P’Ann but sadly, even she wasn’t enough to keep me past the first few episodes. (oh well, I’m still keeping an open mind about “Chaleuy Suk”. I do intend to persevere for the entire lakorn once the subs are completed).

All that rambling above is to illustrate how happy I am to find “Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Mai” (Headman Lee and Mrs. Ma)! Finally! A lakorn with a fresh pairing (to me at least) that I actually like in the can’t-wait-to-watch-the-next-episode kind of way! As mentioned in my previous post, I started on it only to see Ploy in a nang’ek role and I’m happy to say that she’s equally convincing as the nang’ek as she was a nang’rai. I’m left with 4 episodes and I can’t wait to get off of work and continue watching it. XD

It’s a fairly simple plot: city girl meets village boy, they fall in love, some meddling by third parties and they get together in the end. But hey, sometimes simplicity is best ‘cos dramas with too many characters entangled in a relationship merry-go-round can get tiring and depressing.
Ma (Ploy) and Lee (Por) are immensely likable and Lee’s teasing of Ma provided plenty of laugh-out-loud moments (I’m especially tickled by Wao 1 and Wao 2. Watch the larkorn to know what it’s all about!). Lee’s adopted son, Pued, also has many hilarious one-liners and his words often reflect what his dad is really thinking! After they acknowledge their feelings for each other, their interaction is the shy first love type (even though they aren’t that young in the drama. Haah), Ma and Lee are so sweet together they will make you smile till your cheeks ache.
But as romantic comedies go, it still doesn’t quite match up to my love for SSH mainly due to the pacing of the plot and the extremely annoying side characters. Lee hides the fact that he’s the village headman (phoo yai) from Ma and Ma also assumes that the Phoo Yai is someone older and she mistook Lee for a worker, Wao. Lee’s whole family soon got involved in hiding his real identity from Ma and while it was quite funny at first, it got a little tiresome after 7 episodes of hide-and-seek. Thank goodness it did not drag on for the full 14 episodes or I might not be liking it this much!

As for annoying side characters …it’s the first lakorn that made me wanna box so many characters! Ex-boyfriend/girlfriends or third parties are frequently used to make the road to love a little bumpier for the nang’ek and pra’ek, so their presence is totally understandable but oh boy, Ma’s ex-boyfriend is unbelievably annoying I want to punch him every time he shows up. I haven’t felt such a strong urge to cause physical harm to a fictional character since Leela in Sawan Biang. At least Leela had reason to hate Kawee and I could understand her rage but Dick here is a complete dickhead who isn’t even intelligently evil. He’s a playboy but that doesn’t irk me as much as the fact that he leeches off Ma financially with no shame at all. I’m amazed how he can complain to Ma that Ma should not break up with him or get to together with anyone else when Ma caught him cheating on her! Hello, where’s your sense of shame? Ma already told him in no uncertain terms that they are OVER and yet he’s still sticking on to her, not because of love but because he has lost his bank account. He looks down on others and is rude to them but in reality, he’s just reflecting his low-class character with the insults. I honestly cannot find ONE good thing to say about him. I wish Ma took a firmer stance with him. She should have kicked his sorry ass out of her house and let him rot in the fields but I suppose if Dick wasn’t around with his stupid schemes, there won’t be a lakorn to watch.

Phew, this post is getting too long. Shall write some more after I finish the lakorn.

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