Code Blue 之三色恋?

4 Mar

橘医生貌似在CB开播之前说过(或暗示? 没看过相关视频)会有三角恋,可是都第8集了,我还看不出个端倪。前两集橘医生对绯山特别‘关注’的时候曾经YY过他们,不过也没真的认为他们会怎么样,而现在很明显的橘医生对前妻三井还是很挂念,会注意绯山是因为她的性格和三井很像。所以橘x三井x绯 out.

我还是不特别喜欢白石,不过真来个蓝白配我也无所谓,反正我对蓝泽一样无感. 我唯一担心的是绯山会被卷入蓝白恋! It’s best not to have a love triangle introduced into CB at this point because I don’t think there’s enough time in the 3 or 4 episodes left to build it up and then resolve it neatly. Or what, they’re gonna make us wait till season 3? In any case, I would rather Hiyama and Saejima stay out of messy love triangles because I like them too much! Fujikawa obviously likes Saejima but sorry dude, I’m not one of those rooting for you. Saejima needs to move on from her boyfriend’s death, but I’m just not seeing Fujikawa as more than a friend to her.  

Chinese subs for epi16 of SSH is finally out after a 2 week wait! I love Kru Cook and Alin together so much I might just re-watch SSH. XD

I’ve also got started on "Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma" only because I wanted to see Ploy in a nang’ek role. It looks promising though I had to fastfoward through most of epi1 because I couldn’t stand Ploy’s asshole of a boyfriend, who is aptly named Dick. Things should get interesting after Ploy’s city gal reaches the country side and meets our pra’ek, the village headman.

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