Bleach 392

11 Feb

Love the colour spread announcing the results of “Best Bleach Bout” (wow, alliteration!). There’s chibi!Gin, Gimmjow and Renji looking mighty spiffy, and a emo!Ulquiorra. When will my favourite characters start getting some panel time??

On the chapter itself, as expected, it was Aizen-pwning-everyone time again. Personally, I’m not a fan of Hinamori or Toushiro (if only Kubo could give some of Toushi’s panel time to the bajillion other characters running around in Bleach world!), so I wasn’t too affected by the shock ending of this chapter. But I have the feeling it means we’re gonna see more of enraged!Toushiro next chapter which I honestly do not care for.

Give me Gin already!

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