Bangkok Traffic Love Story

10 Feb

Go check this movie out on youtube!

This movie did very well at the Thai box office and it’s not hard to see why. As with all make-belief romances, there are incredible coincidences and a unrealistically handsome pra’ek (c’mon, what are the chances of meeting a guy that looks like P’Ken in a car crash and then meeting him repeatedly at the subway?) but many women can easily identify with the worries and frustrations of Mei-Li, the lead character. It’s tough being 30 and single, more so when all your friends have gotten hitched and your parents are trying their hardest to hook you up with a random guy. When fate pushes Loong (P’Ken) her way, Mei-Li goes all out to chase after her last hope at love. All in all, a sweet and funny movie that’s definitely worth your time and it never hurts to have P’Ken on screen!

*** spoilers ahead, you have been warned! ***

There are plenty of funny and cute details in this movie, like how Mei-Li keeps breaking Loong’s stuff accidentally and the broken items are used in a touching way toward the end. Aff also guest stars as ‘Kob’, the nang’ek of a fake lakorn “Cupid’s Tears”, the dialogue of which is used as a parallel to what is actually going on in Mei-Li’s life. Kob is also later revealed to be Loong’s ex-girlfriend. I wonder if “Cupid’s Tears” is meant as a parody of lakorns because it was hilarious seeing the bitch slapping scenes which were so over the top and yet, it would not seem out of place in a typical lakorn. (Check out Cupid’s Tears Part 1 and Part 2. It’s really funny, especially when Aff grabbed the nang’rai and smashed her face on the piano keys. I was like LOL!!!)

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