Bleach 391

8 Feb

Is it or is it not Aizen? That is the question.

Seeing that the Aizen of chapter 391 went ‘oh shit’, I’m inclined to think that it’s all part of his illusion, because how could the great Aizen-sama be actually panicking? But we will not know until this friday, or maybe not! if Kubo decides to leave us hanging and turn back to HM. Still, I’m glad that some action is taking place and I’m happy to see Kyoraku and Shinji taking a stab at Aizen, real or not.

But the one character I really want to know more about is Gin. He’s been shrouded in mystery for so long I won’t bat an eyelid if he turned out to be the main villian after all… but that would be too boring for Gin.


A little on xxxHoLic
If Yuuko saw Watanuki acting the way he is now, I have no doubt she’ll deliver a flying kick to his face to get him to snap out of it. It’s so depressing to see Watanuki trying to push Doumeki away in the mistaken belief that it’s better for him. arg, when will the kid ever learn??
On the bright side, CLAMP sure knows how to bait the fangirls with subtext. Eye-smex much? And Himawari-chan is back in chapter 198! well, sorta. Hopefully we’ll get to see her in person soon!

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