Chaleuy Suk (2)

6 Feb

phew, cleaning my room in preparation for CNY took up way more time than I expected!

Anyway, Chaleuy Suk’s subs aren’t coming out as quickly as I’d expected and I’m only in the middle of ep3. Hmm, I really wanted to like this lakorn for P’Ann’s sake but I’m not falling head over heels for it yet.

Athisak: As of now, the highlight of CS remains the very manly Khun Chai Athisak! I love how he’s so calm and collected when faced with insults from Yoothin and he simply brushes it aside with a nonchalant smile whereas Alisa always raises to the bait and starts a war of words with Yoothin which she seems to lose most of the time. Ha, I’m turning into a Athisak fangirl but I pay more attention when he’s onscreen … and I love his voice!

Alisa: sigh, I’m finding Alisa kinda bland. She’s the typical ‘da xiao-jie (Young Mistress)’ that’s a little snooty due to her status but a nice person in general. Her ill-treatment of Yoothin thus far feels more like a child throwing a tantrum and bullying someone to vent her anger than a vengeful daughter torturing the son of the family’s enemy.

Yoothin: The eye-makeup comes and goes and so does the stiff and oily ‘curry puff’ hair. Maybe Rome offended the makeup artist. XD I’m liking Yoothin’s character because he is certainly an upright and honourable man who is making the best of his situation but I must say the scriptwriter went a little overboard in trying to show his ‘honour’.
1) Yoothin was made to walk in the rain while Athisak sat on a horse on the journey to Man Pha Leung and he stumbled, struggled, huff and puff all the way while withstanding insults from Athisak. I guess the sriptwriters wanted the audience to sympathise with Yoothin but come on, Yoothin is supposed to be a war hero! Wouldn’t he have endured worse conditions during the war? Or was he fighting the war from an air-conditioned control room? The most absurd thing was, Athisak’s servant walked in the rain with them without breaking a sweat! Uhm, so the really strong person here is Athisak’s servant?
2) When Athisak and Yoothin raced on horseback, Yoothin spotted a branch blocking Athisak’s way and called out to him. Athisak falls off his horse and Yoothin rushes to help him up. Ok, fine, Yoothin is a honorable man who helps his enemies. But the way the servants were talking about it, it sounded like Yoothin risked his life to save Athisak from certain death. *rolls eyes* On one hand, Athisak is supposed to be good at this and that but in 2.5 episodes, he loses to Yoothin in everything. I know, I know, it’s to show how good the pra’ek is but I’m gonna need more convincing.

Yoothin x Alisa: This is bad. I’m not feeling anything between them. Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a convincing development of their love later on. Actually, they have more chemistry with Athisak than with each other! 笑~ I find the brother-sister interaction really sweet and cute, love the part where Athisak and Alisa danced … which was unfortunately cut short by Yoothin’s appearance. Then when Yoothin vs Athisak, I swear sparks were flying. Yoothin, get together with Athisak already. hahaha …. joking, joking!

5 Responses to “Chaleuy Suk (2)”

  1. sophory February 8, 2010 at 1:28 AM #

    Once again you hit the nail on the head. Very nice short summary ! Again you wrote my mind.

    Up to now, I still need to be in awe with this production ( as claimed by P’Kai ?? if my memory is good. I’ve seen it up to episode 5 already ( without sub mind you ) and yet, … it leaves me with this feeling of emptiness nearly each and every time I’m finished with an episode. As much as I ( too ) want to support P’Ann’s lakorns, I really feel like waiting for its dubbing version instead. waiting after sub on youtube ( and for an episode to load ) turned out to become a chore more than anything else.

    1) How did you react at the second time Yothin shown off his body shirtless ? TOO MUCH OIL !! I know it’s supposed to represent sweat but come on from sweeping the floor ?? The first time was good though. ^-^ I like muscles + heavy works. ;p

    2) I didn’t yet fall for YothinXAthisak but putting the incestuous relationship aside, I wouldn’t mind a new lakorn with Ann and Dome acting as couple. I too adore his voice. At the end of episode 5, He’ll show off his voice. That’s a MAN voice !! love him dearly already. He made me a fan despite his apparent lack of screentime. What a shame!

    3) If I have to put it that way, Yothin and Alisa do fit together. One is the opposite of another. But unlike you, I don’t really feel for Yothin ( neither for Alisa actually). It just that the make believe romance is forced between them two from what I can see. maybe It’ll turn out better as it progresses. But from preview and opening sequence, It doesn’t show much credibility.

    I think I’ll leave you the task to revive my appetite for this one since I’ll push it away and will make place for a new Korean drama I just found. Chuno. starring with the oh so handsome Oh Ji Ho ( now in an even more manly look due to his slave status ).

    Please keep this journal up. I’ll be following.

    • J February 8, 2010 at 1:38 PM #

      1) When I saw Yoothin going shirtless, I immediately thought ‘FANSERVICE!!’. XD I’m not complaining about seeing Rome’s bod but honestly, those scenes of him shirtless was of zero relevance to the story, especially when no other servants were walking around with their shirts off. haa, perhaps I’m too hard on CS, but I find myself rolling my eyes too many times while watching.
      2) I’d love to see Ann pair up with Dome! Do you know other shows that he acted in? I want to see more of him. 😉

      I’ll probably continue watching CS for Khun Atisak’s sake but at the moment, watching SSH clips for the 3rd or 4th time is still way more entertaining!

  2. sophory February 9, 2010 at 12:48 AM #

    My mom said he’s been in another lakorn that my auntie owns. Apparently he’s acting as a father figure with a mustache. I thought “already ??!!”. He’s so young looking to me. and he does have some muscles too. Then why did he ends being part in that lakorn ( which I have yet to watch ) is beyond my understanding. ( usually we keep “older/veteran actor/actress” by making them act as parents or else … in lakorns.

    But yea. Please continue CS. I’ll keep reading your journal. but for me SSH > CS anyday ! ^-^ I can’t wait for the upcoming drama with KA. 365 ! It looks like somewhat a continuation of SSH. I can’t wait for it to start its production so we can have some clips to talk about. There’s one clip Ken said they have to act as couple and he wondered what would be sufficient/limit to the acting. My! I wonder how far in realism the producer would lead it to. But based from her past works, we should expect something great. It should start producing next month.

    • J February 10, 2010 at 6:14 AM #

      Yes, I’m totally looking forward to 365 Days of Love! I really do think that Ken and Ann bring out the best in each other. Maybe I’m biased here but their characters are so much livelier and the love more believable when they are paired up in a lakorn.

      • sophory February 10, 2010 at 6:01 PM #

        yea I think that too. I realized their chemistry since the Rang Ngao days actually. People around me start to be tired of this pairing though. As of me I just want more and more with them together.


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