there will never be anyone else but you (SSH)

26 Jan

SSH’s subs still aren’t out so I’m moving ahead with the unsubbed videos by relying on detailed summaries found here.

I’m always smiling or laughing when watching SSH but I was moved to tears at this part because Din’s subtle declaration of love is so touching. Quoting from the summary site “He tells her that in other people’s eyes, she can be someone that is emotional, moody, superior, bossy, and too much to handle” but “this is her true personality and in spite of everything, she will always be perfect to him”. I started tearing at this point but the waterworks really started after Din left and Alin reminisces about the times they shared. As the audience remembers with Alin, we are all reminded of how much Din has cared for Alin and how much he loves her despite her nonsense. Din’s declaration of love is played out again in Alin’s mind towards the end of the clip and Alin (and me!)is struck by how sincere and true his words are.

Perhaps I’m so moved because I want someone like Din who will see me as perfect even though my list of flaws is no less shorter than Alin’s. Sigh. At least it’s a happy ending for Alin and her Kru Cook in SSH. 😉

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