Chaleuy Suk (Honorable Prisoner)

26 Jan

The first episode of Ann’s new period drama “Chaleuy Suk” wasn’t as engaging as I’d hope but I suppose epi 1 was more of setting the stage for what is to come. The pra’ek abuse will start on epi 2 and hopefully it will get exciting enough to keep me watching because I really want to support Ann’s dramas!

First impressions …
Ann as Princess Alisa: Ann certainly has no lack of poise befitting a princess but nothing much from Alisa in epi 1 as yet.

Rome as Yothin: I’m having trouble taking Rome seriously as a manly and brave general, 就好嫩的样子! Maybe it’s the hair, the clothes, or what looks suspiciously like eye makeup on him, but one way or other, his current look bothers me. I spot a shirtless Rome in the preview for epi 2 and there’s a hot bod beneath the ugly shirts that he’s been wearing so perhaps I might change my mind about him! Rome’s acting is alright, but he’ll need to up his game to keep up with P’Ann 😉

Joy as Phiromya: Joy looks so pretty without the Rihanna-esque wig she sported in JLR but sadly she’s still the nang’rai(kinda) here so she’ll meet with a bad end! I really like Joy as an actress tho…

Dom Hethrakul as Athisak: It’s my first time watching Dom in a lakorn and he made Athisak the most memorable character of epi 1 for me. His manliness level is x10 that of Rome’s … pity that his role will not be as big once later on.

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