more on SSH / Code Blue S2

20 Jan

– It’s ridiculous how funny and cute Alin can still be while acting like a total ass.
– Can’t help laughing when Din’s mom referenced “Sawan Biang” while fangirl-ing over Alin.
– Kom + Alin = major LOL

Code Blue S2

– Still not a fan of Shiraishi but at least she’s less wimpy.
– Tachibana continues to hit on Hiyama in epi2 but we all know he doesn’t actually mean it. It’s obvious he will get a chance or be forced by circumstances to confront his past with Mitsui sometime later in the series. Still, Tachibana and Hiyama make a cute couple doncha think? They could spend their dates trading barbs. XD I mean, they’d be so much more exciting than say, if Aizawa got together with Shiraishi. Their dates would be made up of poignant silence and meaningful glances.
– Hoping for more Hiyama screen time! I can just see the episode where she collapses in the middle of something important because of her heart problem.

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