Sawan Biang

13 Jan


Watching SSH has gotten me all nostalgic for the Ken/Ann pairing, so much so that I re-watched the ending of “Sawan Biang” and “Oum Rak” and guess what, they had me in tears again. Um, I don’t think anyone on my f-list care for Thai dramas (actually, I’m the only person I know that watches lakorns) but heck, I’m gonna rant on them again.

I’ve seen rather harsh comments made online about Ann, the usual being she looks old and haggard. Admittedly, that’s what I thought when I first saw her picture and I still notice the double chin that sometimes appears when her head is tilted at certain angles. And yes, she is older looking relative to the host of young actress’ on the Thai entertainment scene but she has the acting chops, style and poise that made her the no.1 nang’ek that she is. Sometimes I get defensive when my fandom gets criticised by others but when it comes to Ann, I just smile and ignore the negative comments because she has already proven herself many times over.

Moving back to the Ken/Ann pair, I first saw them together on “Sawan Biang”, a depressing drama that involves the questionable use of rape as a plot device. Sidetracking a little, I’ve come to realise how fond scriptwriters are of using rape in a drama to get the lead characters in bed, because presumably good Thai girls don’t sleep with guys willingly before marriage? It baffles me to no end because the censors would blur out guns/weapons/alcohol/other strange questionable objects on screen (making the scene quite ridiculous if you ask me. Anyone with half a brain can deduce what is being blurred out from the context) but rape is used liberally as a plot device and I have yet to see any pra’ek face legal consequences for rape in the drama. Not only that, he gets the girl in the end!

Ok, really back to talking about “Sawan Biang”. Ann didn’t leave much of impression on me as her character Narin sorta faded into the background after her feisty spirit was slowly broken down by Kawee’s abuse. To me, Narin felt like a by-product of the story instead of a character that helped to shape it – the collateral damage of the intense battle between Kawee and Lee and later the course of redemption for Kawee. The focus of this show is really on Kawee and how he changes from a bitter self-destructive playboy who only looked at his own misfortune to someone who understands the value of love and sacrifice. I do sympathize with Kawee even when he was being a first class jerk to pretty much everyone at the beginning. What he really wanted was attention and love from his dad but all he got was lots of money and a new mother every few years, which turned him into a distrustful and bitter young man. Throw a vengeful Lee into the mix and chaos ensues. Actually, Lee is a lot like Kawee, both so consumed by their own pain that they were blinded to the hurt they were inflicting on others and the love that was by their side all along. Only after irrevocable damaged had been done do they come to their senses and realise how much their selfishness had cost them. I suppose it’s this growth and change that made me remember Kawee and Lee instead of Narin, the nice girl who got dragged into this mess. Yes, she dealt with serious issues like rape and forgiveness, but she had always been inherently kind and there wasn’t any dramatic about-turn in her character.

5 Responses to “Sawan Biang”

  1. PolynesiangirllovesThailakorns September 17, 2013 at 4:01 AM #

    I’m a woman in my late 30’s but I feel so left behind when it comes to lakorns….I only discovered it june this year 2013….so far I’ve only watched no more than 10 lakorns since my discovery….Soot Sanae ha was my first lakorn of Ken and Anne then just this past week I watched Sawan Biang……for me personally, Anne is by far on a different level of acting compared to all the other actresses I’ve seen thus far in a thai lakorn….and to say she is amazing and great are still understatements. Like you, I don’t care about any negative comments from people about Anne because she proves herself with her performance/acting ….she is now my favorite Thai actress after watching those 2 lakorns…She is simply superb! I know that with her acting skills/abilities, nothing is impossible in her book… on top of that, she is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. Ken on the other hand, is just as great and fantastic….. what an incredible chemistry they have. This is how great they are, I watched the remaining parts of Sawan Biang without eng subtitles from episode 7 part 6 to the end……I cried my eyes out and still felt their feelings/emotions as I watched the dialogues between kawee and narin without understanding what they were literally saying…..(I was in so much misery because I couldn’t find any eng subbed of those episodes) But I turned to some recaps that were available (ep 8 & 9 only) which helped me comprehend a little. However, the emotions I felt from these 2 are indescribable. They’re by far, my favorite lakorn couple, they are @ the top of my list as fav Thai actor/actress hands down! Really hoping to see them pairing off in an upcoming lakorn in the near future.
    By the way, any chance you could do an episode recap for Sawan Biang final episode…. I just really want to understand the dialogues between Kawee and Narin especially when they were reconciling kneeling down at the end hugging each other as he puts the ring on her finger….I would be so grateful but will also understand if you cant. Thanks for letting me visit and comment on your blog.

    • J September 17, 2013 at 8:31 PM #

      Hi there, fellow SB fan! I didn’t realise wishboniko’s youtube channel has been taken down and that Eng subs for SB can’t be found. Sure, I’ll do a mini recap of the part you refer to in the last episode~

      btw, have you watched ‘Oum Rak’ yet? It’s Ken/Ann’s 2nd lakorn and the one that made me their fan. Eng subs can be found here:

  2. grace January 2, 2014 at 3:29 PM #

    I so love sawan biang! 🙂 Ken is so hot, dream guy material really, i can just stare at him the whole day. Not only is he gorgeous but he can act too, i can see and feel the emotions emanating from him and his eyes are so expressive, u can understand and feel what he is feeling through his eyes i am in love ❤ he is so bad but i kinda get how he became like that, love changed him in the end.

  3. maimunah May 2, 2014 at 3:07 AM #

    wish sawan biang has english subs

  4. Maimunah Shaikh May 2, 2014 at 3:11 AM #

    wish sawan biang has english subs please

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