30 Dec

The only 2 mangas that I’m still following are Bleach and xxxHoLiC, not too passionately though. The wait between chapters is making it hard for me to maintain the level of tension required to really get into the story.

The villians were set up to be extremely powerful and destructive but they ended up getting knocked down left right and center within chapters by the good guys. I mean, I love most of the Gotei 13 Squad and the good guys are supposed to win in make-belive-land, but lopsided ‘victory’ thus far doesn’t make me worry for the good guys at all.
I sure hope Kubo has something good in store for Shinji/Urahara/Aizen/Gin because I have great expectations for these characters (and maybe Isshin too). If Gin gets done away with Tousen-style, I will be Very Disappointed.

My only wish is for Watanuki to start showing some appreciation for Doumeki.

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