15 May

Yes, I’m back in the Bleach fandom again! Being impatient as I am, I can never last the whole stretch for long running animes so I end up going back and forth as they progress. With Bleach, even though I try to pick up where I left off the last time, I always end up back at the Soul Society arc. The later episodes (fillers aside) seem to lack the spark that initially attracted me to Bleach… certainly there are still episodes that give insight into the characters’ past/subsequent growth and I enjoy those but overall, too many fights and too little actual progress in the plot for my liking.

That said, going back to the beginning with the benefit of hindsight lets me appreciate the characters more. After the “Turn back the pendulum” episodes, my love for Urahara and Shinji just upped by a bajillion levels. XD As a IchiRuki fan, my faith in them was slightly swayed by the raging debate going between the IchiRuki and IchiHime camps. But as I walk with them through the SS arc again, the strength and depth of their relationship becomes so apparent that I wonder what I was worried about.

a wonderful post that tracks IchiRuki’s journey through the manga … don’t you deny the love!

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