Drama updates

11 Apr

Gomen, I’ve been lazy about updates… I haven’t slackened on the drama watching though. XD
First up, let’s give BBK a wrap. The happy ending was predictable, only surprise being how Pimpa went berserk and killed Chakrit, her own son. I re-watched BBK as the English subs came but I found myself not liking the plot/Jorm’s character as much after I understand the dialogue! I stopped watching the English subs around epi8 because it was getting harder and harder to root for Jorm when I really want Noung to just tell everyone to f-off and leave her alone. I might get back to BBK eventually just to get some ‘closure’, perhaps when the English subs are all out so I can fastforward through it!

The two lakorns that I’m looking forward to are “Namtan Mai” by Aum + Aff and “Soon Sanae Ha” by Ken + Ann. So the ‘original pairings’ are back together and I believe the chemistry between them will be great! I’m actually not too keen on Namtan Mai’s plot, it’s so melodramatic, complete with scheming third parties and misunderstandings that make you wanna bang your head on the wall, all for the sake of keeping the star-crossed lovers apart for 12 episodes. Nevertheless, I’m hoping the plot will be updated (it’s a remake of a drama from the 80’s?90’s??) and that the ATeam will keep me riveted with their performance. Anyhow, it’s still some time before the lakorns air (SSH just started filming!) so guess I’ll take a break from Thai dramas for now.

I’ve also finished “Love Shuffle”, a Japanese drama that I enjoyed tremendously. Apparently it didn’t do too well in ratings but no matter, it’s been a while since a J-drama was able to captivate me like that.

Another drama that hasn’t done well in the ratings department (truth be told, the ratings are downright dismal in Taiwan) but that has managed to capture my attention is ToGetHer 《爱就宅一起》. 收视的肯定对剧组和演员们来说无疑是很重要的,我想现在的情形或多或少都会影响他们的心情。不过我想说的是,《爱宅》还是给很多很多人带来了感动,包括我在内。所以,大家的努力并没有白费! =)

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