14 Feb

“Borisud Bumbut Kaen” will be coming to an end next Wednesday but I still have a long wait ahead because the subs are only at epi5. T___T While I do manage to get the gist of things, I need to actually understand the dialogue in order to fully grasp the plot.

I’m a bit iffy about how things have progressed since, with Jorm going completely mental and doing the whole kidnap/toture routine with Nong. This kidnapping business is starting to get a bit old … I think this is the 3rd lakorn I’ve seen with such plot development and I’ve only watched what, a grand total of 6 lakorns so far???

Some people have commented that the plot is too weird and/or draggy … well, the weird bit may be true since I haven’t seen other dramas with so many people literally going crazy but I actually rather like this change. XD At least there’s a logical explanation for the craziness. Taywun was too traumatised from losing his wife and son and then finding out that his wife had indeed cheated on him, so he created his alter-ego Jorm, a confident suave businessman that was so unlike his former self to escape the pain. He subconciously chose to forget Narlee’s infidelity and instead blamed Nong for indirectly causing the car accident that took his family’s lives. It was simply easier to make it Nong’s fault and plotting revenge gave Taywun/Jorm a focus in life. But of course, as he slowly got to know Nong and realise that she was not what he made her out to be, his mind was further confused and the conflict between his two personalities intensified.

As for Nong, her mental state was affected by her troubled childhood and witnessing her mother’s suicide. When she slowly recovered, her craziness was subsequently ‘manufactured’ by her nasty fiance Chakrit and even nastier mother-in-law through medication. Nong believed that Chakrit was the only one who would accept and love a ‘crazy’ person like her, so she became an easy target for Chakrit.

I’ve already raved about Ann and Aum’s performance but I have to do it again. With each passing episode, it becomes increasingly clear why Ann is still the nang’ek after so long. She is that good. Aum did a good job but there’s room for improvement, especially in those scenes where he suffers a mental breakdown. But… he’s still hot. =P

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