Thai lakorn

31 Jan

well, I’m back much faster than I thought! Just to get things rolling again on this blog, I’ve decided to document my latest craze, that is, Thai dramas! I never thought I’d be watching Thai dramas but I stumbled onto them entirely by accident while on leave last November and so far, I’ve enjoyed most of the dramas I watched. Perhaps I’ll do more ‘introductory’ posts in the future but let me plunge straight into the lakorn that I’m currently on.

Borisud Bumbat Kaen starring the lovely Ann and ever so HOT Aum. XD

I experienced a lakorn drought after the enjoyable “Oum Rak” also starring Ann, and was very much looking forward to BBK because of the interesting premise. Revenge themed dramas seems rather common in Thailand (at least that’s the feeling I get) but having two mentally unstable lead charaters? Now, that’s interesting.

Sadly the english subs for BBK hasn’t quite kept up with it’s pace of screening. I couldn’t resist and went on to watch epi 4 to 9 without subs and though it takes a lot of guess work (seeing that I don’t, you know, understand Thai or anything. XD), I can still follow the story. The wonderful performances of Ann and Aum also helps to convey the strong emotions of the characters and no subs are needed to feel their desperation and struggles.

Some detractors of Ann say that she looks too old/odd etc and I have to admit that at certain angles, she does look older especially when compared to the multitude of younger actresses out there.


Here’s Ann looking might pretty in BBK. =) Ann’s look may not be everyone’s cup of tea but her solid acting chops has made me a fan.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the pairing of Aum and Ann because the Ken+Ann and Aum+Aff team up were quite established after their classic lakorns together. This time the partners were switched with Ken and Aff getting together first for “Jai Rao” (which I didn’t watch ‘cos I found the story too dramatic and weepy for my liking) and now Aum with Ann for BBK. Thankfully, the chemistry between them have been sizzling and I find them the perfect choice for such intense characters. This comment I found on youtube sums up my feelings of the new teams.

it’s like Ken & Aff are the child sweetheart couple all young, naive and cute..through all these years you still have all of me kind of love and Ann & Aum are passionate, mature..gosh where have you been my whole life kind of love

Haa, I realised I’ve been rambling on but haven’t actually commented on the drama proper. Promise next post will be strictly on the story and it’ll come soon!

2 Responses to “Thai lakorn”

  1. Anonymous October 6, 2011 at 10:08 PM #

    So is this your first post about Thai lakorns? I am just curious. I am surfing your journal for entries about anything related to Thai dramas lol

    • J October 7, 2011 at 3:28 AM #

      Yup. Just click on the lakorn tag and all my Thai drama related entries will come out. 🙂

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