Trinity Blood part 2

2 Feb

Trinity Blood has a very promising premise but it was ruined by the lousy pacing and arrangement of the plot. It plodded along for the first half of the series, then suddenly stepped on the accelerator in the middle and just when you thought it was getting good, it screeches to a halt. I was tempted to throw a cushion at my TV when the credits started rolling for epi 24 because it was such a lame ending!

It wasn’t just the general pacing of the plot that was bad, the way the scenes shifted was also very choppy. There’s a lack of flow in the story-telling and many times I found myself going “huh?? that was that?”. The use of barely-there flashbacks to tell Abel’s history was confusing to say the least and they didn’t explain anything.

There were plenty of interesting side characters but they don’t get enough screen time for any proper character development to take place, which is really a pity. But then again, looking at the sort of character development the main characters got, I guess I shouldn’t have had any expectations for the AX sidekicks. And don’t even get me started on how the wonderfully wicked villians went to waste. They took the trouble to set up the scene for Cain’s appearance and all he did was walk around blowing things and people apart before engaging in a ‘final battle’ with Abel that lasted all of 3 minutes. Then at the end of it all, there was no conclusion to their battle.

Despite all it’s shortcomings, I rather enjoyed the 2nd half of the anime after Ion was introduced. Ion was actually a relatively well developed character and I could see him growing and learning as the anime progressed.

I believe Trinity Blood could have been salvaged if it was extended beyond 24 episodes and more time given to flesh out the various characters. I’m getting started on the Trinity Blood manga and hopefully I won’t be disappointed this time round. I read that Esther’s character in the manga/novel is a quite different from her potrayal in the anime? Maybe I’d like her more this time round!

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