Silver Diamond

3 Apr

I’m finally done with all 10 volumes of “Silver Diamond”! I wouldn’t call the following a review … more like a record of my haphazard thoughts.


《银》 整体气氛比《冰》轻松,感觉比较像“罗贯一行人闯荡异世界奇录”多过于罗贯于千草之间的爱情故事。《冰》的焦点一直是布拉德和依修卡,纵然有威鲁特和拉布耶鲁这两位大配角。《银》 的重心却是罗贯+千草+成重+灯二(啊,还有虹,把它给漏了。没办法,蛇太不醒目),害可怜的千草‘没机可乘’。虽然千草和罗贯都有想‘拥有’对方的想法,却从不说出口,所以感情一直没有很确定。有时觉得对罗贯而言,千草在他心中的位置还没有超越‘和成重/灯二一样重要的伙伴’。当然,直到volume 10 为止。那个 ……是千草的告白吧? 而他的告白也算是被罗贯接受了? 希望他们之间的感情能尽早明朗化!

就以前十集来说,《冰》已经让我感动无数回,也为布Blood/Ishuca, Nei 和Wild/Rapunzel 流了好多泪(都说我的眼泪容易赚)。《冰》也不乏搞笑场面(通常都是Wild在整Blood)不过故事的主轴还是在人物怎么面对一些比较黑暗的事件/心情。With Silver Diamond, it feels more like an exploration of this new strange world (for Rakan) and bringing hope to each village they come across. While there are villains in the form of the Ayame Prince and Kinrei, Rankan and co. have not actually been attacked head on. There isn’t as much angst or awww moments as compared to “Koori” and even if there were short moments of tenderness between characters, they were usually quickly broken by other events/characters. This is not necessarily a minus point for Silver Diamond because after all, it is a different story and I’m sure Suigara-sensei aims to come up with something different from “Koori”.
Sometimes it feels like Silver Diamond is still in its introductory stages and the stage has only just been set by volume 10. I’m looking forward to how Chigusa and Rakan will develop their relationship and if darker issues will surface for the characters. (やっぱり … I’m still going for the angst)


对罗贯、成重和灯二当然也是喜欢,但对他们的感觉还不深刻。 我却意外地中意主匪和宫这一对… 有点莫名其妙吧? 宫好象才出现两三次。嗯,总之《银》还在连载中,等故事真正结束后才来下定论.

— —

I can’t resist saying something about “Koori”. “Koori” fans would of course be in love with Blood and Ishuca and/or Wild and Rapunzel. But if you ask me who my favourite character in “Koori” is, my answer will definitely be Nei. Maybe it’s his unrequited feelings for Blood, or his comically exaggerated obsession with Blood, or his cute relationship with Zaha … or … I don’t know why, really. Are there any fellow Nei fans out there? Speaking of Zaha, he may be a minor character but I have a soft spot for him because of his devotion to Nei. A clean and pure devotion that does not seek to possess and he only wishes for Nei to be happy.
My love for Wild follows close behind Nei but I think there are much better written commentaries on the lead characters out there, so I shall end here!

I’d love to try my hand at 「氷の魔物の物語」好きに50の質問 but with my half-baked Japanese, I need a lot of guess work to figure out the questions!

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